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I Dumped The Victim’s Body Under A Bridge In Lagos Because I Was Afraid’ – Woman Confessed



I Dumped The Victim’s Body Under A Bridge In Lagos Because I Was Afraid’ – Woman Confessed

A nursing mother identified as Anita was arrested by the Lagos Police Command. According to the Police Spokesperson, the woman was arrested after she hit a pedestrian in Ikeja with her car. Initially, she did not know what happened but she saw people screaming, she went out to see what happened. On getting out of her car, she saw that she has mistakenly knocked someone down.

Immediately, she saw this, she begged the onlookers to help her lift the body inside her car, so she could take the victim to the hospital. A woman amongst the on-lookers decided to follow her to the hospital. On getting to the hospital, the victim was declared dead. She started planning how to take the corpse to the Police Station and report the incident because it was not premeditated but, the woman who followed her to the hospital advised her that it is not a right decision.

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She told her that they would kill her in the Police Station if she takes the corpse to them. She said she was confused but the woman emphasized that the Police Station wasn’t an option at all. She asked her what she could do, so the woman advised her to dump the woman’s body somewhere and the Police will find it later on their own. Little did this lady know that the hospital where they declared the victim’s dead has already captured her car’s number plate in case she did not report the incident to the Police.

She followed the advice of the woman, so she went to dump the victim’s corpse under a bridge in Lagos. When the reporter went to interrogate her, she says her name is Anita and she is a nursing mother. She says ‘I am not even sure if I was the one that knocked the lady because she did not even cross the road. I just heard people shouting, so I parked the car and everyone was standing staring at the lady. I told them to help her, so I opened my car and they put her inside.’

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She narrates that she drove to the Police station but the woman beside her told her that she should not enter the station because they would kill her there. She said she did not know what to do, so she followed her instruction. She says that when she got home, she told her husband what happened and he told her that they must report the incident to the Police. They were allegedly on their way before the police nabbed them.

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During the interrogation, the lady started crying as she told the newsmen that the police have taken her baby. She is a nursing mother but the Police have collected her baby and she has not seen her child since last week.

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The Police Spokesperson says that the lady had no criminal intention because it was an accident. If she had gone to the Station immediately, she would have been acquitted but because of the influence of the woman, she made a deadly move. The police spokesperson says that the action she took after the incident proves that she had the intention.

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