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I Entered My Daughter’s Room Without Knocking, What I Saw Made Me Shock



I Entered My Daughter’s Room Without Knocking, What I Saw Made Me Shock

As parents, we know what we are passing through training our children in Nigeria, most especially if we are hardly at home maybe because of our busy schedules.

This is more reason i respect some parents that always make out time to sit at home and discuss with their children.

In our absence, there are some things that looks like a trait to our children and can only be caution when we stay close to them. For some of that are always busy, regular checking up on our children might be very hard on us.

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When ever our children are at home alone doing nothing, they always start having certain negative thoughts other than reading their books. I know some people might blame the parents for nothing being at home but, what i am saying is that, a well trained child can never change their ways.

I have heard of how children engage in so many abominable act but i never believe it will one day happen in my own family because i trusted my children.

Well, i have a daughter and a son that are seventeen and fifteen years old respectively. I love them so much that i always made sure they never lack anything. But what i saw after i opened my daughter’s room without knocking made me shock.

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It all started one faithful day, i came back home to collect a cheque which i was supposed to cash out the previous day but couldn’t because Bank was closed for the day. So i decided to take it home so i cash the money the next before going to work.

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So i came back home around 11am immediately i remembered it. As soon as i got home, i noticed unusual calmness. Everywhere was so quiet that i was even scared that something bad has happened to my lovely children.

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As i entered the parlor, i saw an empty bottle of hot drink so i now gathered courage and went straight to my daughter’s room to know what is happening since she is the elderly one.

As i got close to her room, i was hearing some strange noise so, i rushed in without knocking and what i saw very unbelievable and unexpectable.

I saw my two treasured children on the same bed making love to each other. I caught them red handed that they can’t be able to deny it.

They both started crying and begging me for forgiveness immediately. And i have been confused and devastated, i don’t know what to do.

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What do you think is the best way to handle this situation?

Share to parents so they can learn also.

And please comment your views below.

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