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“I once hawked groundnut and pepper” – Footballer, Wilfred Ndidi shares childhood struggles



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Nigerian International footballer, Wilfred Ndidi has shared a touching story of how he used to be a street hawker selling pepper, groundnut and other things just to put food on his table and support his mum when he was very young.

Wilfred Ndidi opened up on his life and career during an interview with Oluwashina Okeleji via the Frame online publication, and according to him, he became popular for selling groundnuts.

The Leicester City midfielder added that he was also wiping windscreens of cars during traffic to augment his revenue.

He said

“I did different things. Sometimes I hawked pepper, I sold water [sachets], tomatoes and fruits for my mother.

“But I became famous for selling [groundnut] peanuts. They call me the groundnut boy. I did all these things to support my mother.

“As a side hustle, to get my own personal money I was wiping the windscreens for cars held (up) in traffic. If I’m lucky sometimes I make about N2000 (almost R80) in a day but the highest I made was N3000 (around R118).”

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