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I Received A Gift From My Boyfriend l’ve Dated For 10Yrs and This is What Happened To Me After 3Days



I Received A Gift From My Boyfriend l’ve Dated For 10Yrs and This is What Happened To Me After 3Days

My name is Abigail Sarpong from Kwamang in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I am 25 years old and I am a trained nurse by profession. I was born and raised in Kwamang in the Sekyere Central district in the Ashanti Region. I am currently living in Kumasi because of my job.

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Recently I have been experiencing some bad nightmare which I don’t comprehend. This was not happening until I received a gift from my boyfriend who I have dated for almost 10 years. We started dating from Junior high School.

After we completed Senior High School he couldn’t continue to Tertiary because of financial problems. Recently he told me he has gotten a good job, though I have been trying to know the type of job he is doing but he has not been honest with me to know the kind of job he is doing.

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Just last week I received a gift from him which is jewellery. After I wearing it, I started experiencing some death dreams, which I am very afraid of. He came to me two days ago driving one of the latest Benz in town, I asked him who is it for and he told me it is his own Car. I was shocked because things can’t be happening so fast like this because I know him for a very long time.

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As it stands now am very afraid because he told me he has gotten a good job not more than two months and you are using Benz which is one of the 2020 models. Additionally, I keep on having these strange nightmares which am afraid of my life.

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Now I don’t know if he is into money rituals and he wants to use me as a sacrifice I don’t really know. And he is not ready to tell me the kind of work he does. So please I need your help to decide on this issue? I am too young to die.

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