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“I regret coming to this world as a fulani” – Fulani man laments, gives his reasons



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A Fulani man identified as Fulani Christian on the bird app expressed regret for coming to world as a Fulani man.

This comes after he chanced upon the video which captured a number of passengers kidnapped and their abductors demanding a ransom of N500m.

Following the nuisances happening in the country and its attribution to the Fulanis in the country, this Fulani man says he regret coming to this world falling under the mentioned tribe.

He wrote;

“What a wicked world! This are the people that was kidnapped in Niger state & the kidnappers are demanding 5 hundred million as a ransom.

I do regret why I come to this world as a Fulani because of all this kind of a things that my tribal people are doing 😭 😭”

See his post below;

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