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“I Turn To Fish At Night To Visit My Family Under The Sea” – Popular Ghanaian Singer Confesses (VIDEO)

A popular female Ghanaian singer, Nyevile AKA BornStar has revealed that she has connections with the underworld in the sea.

According to the young singer, she turns to fish at night to visit her family who lives in the seas.

“I Turn To Fish At Night To Visit My Family Under Seas” – Popular Ghanaian Singer Confesses (VIDEO)

BornStar made these revelations while in an Interview with Arnold Elavanyo on his Vibes in 5 show.

She relived how difficult it was for her mom to conceive before a prophetess gave her a solution saying but the solution came with a condition that when the child is born, the child has to be dedicated to the ocean, hence she might die.

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BornStar claims, that as a child, her parents obeyed the terms of the prophetess and she was sent to the sea and was dedicated and abandoned for four days in the sea.

During this time at the Sea, BornStar added that she was taken to the spiritual realm to visit her other home and to introduce herself to them, as well as to learn the movements of the new world.

She revealed that ever since then, she has been getting in touch with her Folks in the sea.

However, During the interview, the Ghanaian Musician claimed she could turn into a fish at night. And that, one of her rules in her house is that no one switches on the light when she’s asleep.

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