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” I was not able to withstand the racism anymore” – 20-year-old Ethiopian player based in Italy takes his life, leaves behind an emotional message

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Seid Vesin is a 20year-old Ethiopian player based in Italy who has succumbed to the pressure of racism by taking his life and leaving behind an emotional message.

The note he left behind chronicles the abuse, discrimination and inhumane treatment he had been subjected to in Italy only because he is Black.

Seid Vesin’s note also reveals the deeper-seated animosity some of the White Italians have or harbour against Blacks and why he believes taking his life was not an option he eventually contemplated.

The suicide note Seid Vesin left behind reads:

“Wherever I go, I feel the weight of the sceptical, biased, disgusted and frightened glances of people. I am not an immigrant. I was adopted when I was a child and I remember everybody used to love me.”

“Everywhere I went, everybody was talking to me with joy, respect and curiosity. Now it seems that everything has turned upside down.”

“I had been able to find a job which I had to leave because too many people, especially the older ones, refused service by me. As if I was not already not feeling at ease, they accused me of being responsible because many young (and white) Italians were not able to find a job.”

The one who adopted Seid Vesin has debunked the news that he indeed took his life.

He has said

“That was an old letter from 2019. My son did not die because he felt discriminated against and I ask anyone to stop supporting this lie. As for why he did it, some questions do not have an answer, as with any youngster who expresses his unhappiness,” Walter told a local Italian newspaper.

Seid had been born in Gondar, the northern city in Ethiopia. Walter adopted him into his family when Seid was only seven and Italy became the young Ethiopian’s home.

He was enrolled in the youth soccer academy of Italian giants AC Milan at a very young age and is said to have been roommates with the current first-choice goalkeeper of the Italian national team, Gianluigi Donnarumma.

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