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“If foreplay is done right, pen!s size doesn’t matter” – Dzifa Sweetness tells Ghanaian men

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Dzifa Sweetness in the studios of e.TV Ghana’s “In Bed with Adwen” show touted the power of foreplay in sexual intercourse.

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According to Dzifa, the only way a heavily endowed man can easily penetrate any vagina is to have a good foreplay game on.

“No matter how big your penis is, all you need is good foreplay. A well-lubricated vagina can even take a 10-inch penis,’’ she stated.

She also shared her opinions on a penis that is too big or too small.

“A grown man with a 2-inch penis is a deformity. The same way we classify small penis as a deformity, a penis that has to be coiled severally into a man’s underwear is also equally handicapped,” she revealed.

However, Dzifa Sweetness suggested that rather than worrying about the size of their penises and trying to enhance them with the hope of pleasing their partners, men should focus their efforts on communicating with their partners and learning what really matters to them in bed.

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