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‘If sakawa ends, there is going to be many broken relationships and scattered marriages’— Man shares his thoughts

A Nigerian man has argued that internet fraud is the only way to sustain relationships and marriages while insisting that if this social vice is eradicated- it will pose a big threat to the aforementioned institutions. 

According to the man whose name was identified simply as Maro, if there’s no more internet fraud in Nigeria, it will cause many broken relationships and scattered marriages, because most ladies, who are dating or marrying internet fraudsters are with them due to what the internet fraudsters are offering and not because the ladies genuinely love them.

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Ultimately, he suggested that ladies are merely hooked on to these relationships because of money and not because of love.

He wrote;

I pray fraud never ends cause if it ends there is going to be so many broken relationships and scattered marriages. Fake love everywhere. Loving you for what you can only offer, the very day you fall down it’s all over.

See screenshot below;

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