If You Notice Any Of These 5 Behaviors In Your Wife, She Is Likely Seeing Another Man

If You Notice Any Of These 5 Behaviors In Your Wife, She Is Likely Seeing Another Man

Infidelity is no doubt the biggest threat to marriage. If there are ten divorce cases in the society, not less than seven of them will be product of infidelity. This menace has become a cankerworm that has eaten deep into the fabric of several peaceful homes and has turned them into a shred today.

Before now, men are the major culprits of marital unfaithfulness while the women accept their fates and move on with life. But these days, it is the other way round. Most married women now have reasons to engage in extra marital affairs which they mostly refer to as ‘side cock’.

In most cases, these women are pushed out by the inability of their husbands to meet their bedroom demand. Some of these women have grown wild before settling down with their men. They have become Oliver twist that always ask for more. Failure of their men to live up to the billings in the bedroom results in their decision to spice up the dull life outside.

And on several occasions, this decision ends up destroying their marriages. As a man, if you begin to notice these signs in your wife, you are already a victim of this circumstance and you need to act fast about it.

1. If your wife returns home late from outing and could not give you a convincing reason for her lateness, something is definitely wrong somewhere.

As a married woman, there are some controversies that should not be hanging around her. It is normal to get stuck in traffic during an outing but in a situation that she cannot substantiate her reason for returning home late, it will call for suspicion. Men should take note of this.

2. When a woman finds it difficult or reluctant to pick her call in the presence of her husband, something is fishy. A woman who does not keep a secrete can never hide her phone call. Such caller can not be any other person than a male friend. And not just a male friend but an intimate one. 

3. A woman who passwords her phone and deny her husband an access to it is obviously having a skeleton in her cupboard. If she doesn’t, she can never descend to that level. 

She must have been keeping some conversations, pictures or recent numbers on her call log that could trigger some questions from her husband. Her hands are not clean.

4. When a woman stops caring about her husband look or admiring him, she is definitely seeing someone else. An average woman will adore, admired appreciate her husband. They will see their husbands as their pet project who must be presentable before their friends and family.

Hence, they will make sure he looks good and cute. But in a situation where she does no longer care about all that, her attention is obviously divided. Men should watch out.

5. Finally, when a woman keeps giving you reasons for denying you of your bedroom right, something is missing. The only time a woman is expected to turn down her husband advances is during her monthly cycle, or fasting which two of them must have agreed on. Also, she can be excused if she is not medically fit.

But if she does not give any of these reasons and she just claims she is not in the mood, she should be suspected. If a woman gets satisfied outside, she will always turn down her husband’s moves at home with flimsy excuses.

As a man, once you take note of these habits, don’t keep quiet, act fast or you stand the risk of losing it all in your marriage.

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