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‘I’m not on drugs neither broke!’ – Ghanaian retired boxer Ike Bazooka Quartey shoots down poverty stricken appearance

Legendary Ghanaian boxer Ike Quartey has played down accusations that he is on drugs and is facing a financial crisis.

Pictures of the former world champion have been making the rounds on social media recently with Ghanaians expressing worry over his new look.

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Some have suggested that Ghana’s fourth world champion looked like a drug addict and needed urgent help.

Others also attributed his new look to poverty as they believed he engaged in profligacy when he was at his peak.

But in a Joy FM interview, Ike Bazooka Quartey parried the allegations, stating that he is doing fine.

He allayed fears of ill-health and urged people to recognize that as he ages, his looks will change.

“By the Grace of God I am very comfortable and working on my hospital project. The fact that I decided to grow my hair does not mean I am on drugs. I am also growing and cannot look the same as I looked previously,” he said.

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