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I’m Single & Am Ready To Marry These Things Any man Who Can Do For Me & I’II Pay Him $10K Each Month



I’m Single & Am Ready To Marry These Things Any man Who Can Do For Me & I’II Pay Him $10K Each Month

My name is Owusuwaa Janet from Beposo in the Ashanti region of Ghana. I am 28 years old and I am a trained nurse by profession. I was born and raised in Kwadaso in the Ashanti Region. I am currently living in the united state of America (USA). I am single and ready to settle down with any man who can do these things for me.

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I am 28 years old and I will be 29 years old on the 30th May of this year 2021. I am a Christian and God-fearing woman. I am the only daughter of my parents. In my life, I have dated three 3 men who were not ready to settle down with me. Now my parents are getting older and demanding me to give them a grandchild.

Because of Job and disappointment from men, I have decided to stay single but my parents keep on pressuring me. And now I have decided to marry under this condition whoever is ready to settle down with me.

  1. I don’t like a drunkard.
  2. I don’t like a man who smokes.
  3. I don’t like a man who is autocratic and who beats women.
  4. I need a man who will care for me, love me for the rest of my life on this earth.
  5. A man who can take care of the children when we give birth.
  1. A man who knows how to cook and do house chores.
  2. A man who has a little educational background at least Senior High School is okay.
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These are the things you will be doing and you will not do any additional job apart from this.

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Please I am very serious and if you are single and interested kindly drop your comment in the comment box and also share it with your friends and loved ones.

If you are interested in her, comments and Identitfy yourself.

If You reading from Phoenix, visit our site directly locate the article and comments identity yourself you might be lucky

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