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Is 20201, I’m Still Lonely In My Big House, I Need a Man to Stay With Me- Lady Laments



Is 20201, I’m Still Lonely In My Big House, I Need a Man to Stay With Me- Lady Laments

A lot of people in this time and age seek for advice on social media networks.

Most of these people we can most probably guess that they have nobody close to them that they can actually vent to.

Like the instance of another facebook user who shared on her timeline that she wants something but has no idea on how to go about getting it.

This facebook user was truly in need of advice from her facebook friends.

The lady posted :

“I am lonely in my big house, i want someone who will live with me. How will i do that? Please advice me”

Screenshot 20210101 131134
Screenshot 20210101 131703

She tagged along a picture of herself standing in what seems to be the door of the same house that she is talking about, but because she did not specify or share a picture of the house we can say that it is the same house she is talking about.

Loneliness is probably the worst thing ever if you have experienced it before, and living in a big house alone would not really be the best feeling at all.

Screenshot 20210101 131703 1

And for someone to go to an extent of sharing on social media that they need advice for getting what they want would prove to us that they seriously need that certain something.

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