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‘It Was Fake’ – Sam Korankye Reacts After GRA Chases Daughter To Pay Tax On $1 Million Gift (VIDEO)

Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, the general overseer of the Royal House Chapel International has finally reacted to an alleged $1 million dollar gift his daughter received as a gift during her wedding that took place a little while ago.

According to Rev Sam Korankye Ankrah, her daughter received a dummy cheque that was presented by friends of her daughter in the group called Second Generation aka 2G.

‘It Was Fake’ – Sam Korankye Reacts After GRA Chases Daughter To Pay Tax On $1 Million Gift (VIDEO)

Second Generation is a group of youngins, young professionals who have completed school

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They presented the dummy cheque of $1 million but people did not get the idea behind the presentation. They thought it was real money. What these people are saying is that one day during occasions like these, they will be able to present a cheque of $1 million and that is the statement they are making.”

“I thank God that they are prophesying that one day, I’ll be able to gift my daughter I million dollars. The cheque is a faith cheque. I am being very careful at the moment how to choose my words because I do not want to present them in a manner that looks like they are joking. Because what you think is fun today, will become a reality tomorrow.” He noted

Rev Sam’s confessing was after the Ghana Revenue Authority comes after her daughter to pay gift tax on the alleged $1 million she received.

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