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It’s in the character of women to be greedy and selfish – Pete Edochie says

Veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has disclosed that it’s in the character of women to be selfish and greedy depending on how you were indoctrinated.

Explain further, Pete Edochie said women are naturally greedy and selfish depending on how and where they were indoctrinated even though men aren’t like that as he sights examples to back up his claims.

According to him, 4 or 5 guys can stay in a room in the university for the entire 4 or 5 years course they would be doing without any problem but put two women in the same room and the police would have to go there and be separating them at any given moment.

Pete Edochie also added that two brothers or friends could be together for a very long time but will start fighting when a woman comes into the picture and that is something women have naturally depending on their indoctrination.

Pete Edochie is right for saying women are selfish and greedy based on their indoctrination and no one can argue that with him because it’s the truth as every single woman has that selfish or greedy character but some just try their best not to exhibit it. Video below;

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