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Join Influential Thinkers and Practitioners in HR & Business at the First-Ever Virtual & Pan-African CIPM Conference | November 26th to 28th



Africa is the new frontier! As the emerging business and cultural center of the World, Africa is set to leapfrog into the 21st century, with its human resource being the largest, youngest, and most versatile in the world. How do you as an HR Professional harness this tremendous potential and channel our Continents’ most important resource for the future?
Join hundreds of the most influential thinkers and practitioners in HR and Business on the African Continent for a 3-day virtual conference to discuss the Future of Work!

The First-Ever Virtual and Pan-African CIPM Conference:

This first of its kind conference promises to be the largest and most diverse ever. Themed, Re-invent: Exploring the New Frontiers, the event is slated to hold:

Date: November 26th to 28th, 2020.

Engage and network with professionals from Zambia, Ghana, Tanzania, Egypt, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria, Uganda, and many more across the continent as this 52nd Conference opens you to a whole new world of opportunities across the Continent and beyond.

This year’s theme explores recent developments in public governance, business, and workplaces as they grapple with multiple overlapping crisis situations that are severely disrupting how we live, work, and do business. It will share deep insights and experiences surrounding the workplace, and each context explores how the professionals in their countries have navigated the new normal.

Still part of this year’s conference line-up is:

  • The Maiden HR Academic Conference and Technology Fair – A pre-conference activities holding on November 25th & 26th, 2020. The fair will feature organizations coming to showcase technology to help automate HR functions and processes. HR Technology GODP Consulting and SAP are the organizations anchoring the fair.

Navigating the New Normal in today’s World of Work

In order to stabilize and rebound, there is a need to continuously explore new frontiers and develop multi-dimensional people and organizational capabilities that holistically address Work, the Worker, and the Workplace – all necessary for continued relevance, competitiveness, and impact in today’s World of Work.

Governments, businesses, organizations, and individuals all require deep foresight, the right bundles of competencies – including agility, resilience, and new ways of problem-solving, in order to survive today and thrive well into the future. Hence, It is most crucial therefore to re-invent and to identify opportunities and solutions to the various challenges facing the Workforce, HR Professionals, and Leaders in Government and Business.

Why You Can’t Miss This Year’s Conference

This Annual National Conference offers HR professionals, business leaders, teams, and organization front-liners, inspiring content for deep foresight and new ways of problem-solving in the modern workspace. Attendees at the conference are assured that they’ll develop new ideas and discover practical guidance from the most influential thinkers and practitioners in HR and business in Africa.

  • Hear from the experts – over 15 professional speakers from across the Continent and various great keynote speakers
  • Get solutions to workplace challenges; know the facts, predictions, and latest trends
  • Explore new strategies, learn new skills, upgrade current ones and enhance your perspectives
  • Make invaluable connections with peers across Africa that will grow your global network and influence.

CIPM Annual conference pulls together an assemblage of thousands of public and private sector practitioners and provides a platform for intellectual discourse, learning, inspiration, networking, collaboration, and engagement on contemporary global and national economic and policy issues. This year’s edition will not be an exception, seize the opportunity to learn, network, and e-meet some of the great thought leaders.

Conference Speakers

Notable speakers at the CIPM 52nd Pan-African Virtual Conference include:

  • Peter Cheese, Chief Executive, CIPD, UK.
  • Dr. Sunday Isiyaku, Country Director, SightSavers International Nigeria & Ghana
  • Grace Omo-Lamai, Human Resource Director, Nigerian Breweries PLC
  • Olusegun Mojeed, FCIPM Chief Ideas Officer, Bezaleel Consulting Group
  • Olusola Adewole, Partner, Digital Workforce Transformation, PwC Nigeria
  • Dayalan Govender, Partner, Workforce of the Future Platform Lead, PwC South Africa
  • Caroline Smit, Senior Manager, PwC Cape Town South Africa
  • Narayanan Vaidyanathan, Head of Business Insights, ACCA
  • Dr. Bruce  Watt, Vice President, DDI Europe, India, Australia, Africa
  • Dr. Tarek Desouki, MD, EMEA Region of VIA Consultation Group, Egypt
  • Anita Kemi Dasilva MD, MPH, Founder, Women at Risk International Foundation (WARIF)

and other seasoned Speakers

The CIPM, in its role as the apex regulatory body for People Management and Organisational Development in Nigeria, continues to focus on reaching and impacting various target audiences across the HR ecosystem covered by our regulatory mandate.

It has been one of our key objectives at the CIPM to create strong avenues via which we would connect, learn from, and grow with the Nigerian, African and Global Academic Communities, whilst at the same time, be able to draw that link into the world of work in which HRM is delivered and practiced.

With pride, we bring to you our maiden Annual Academic Conference.

For more information visit the website or follow us on




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A cleric and minister-in-charge of Holy Flock of Christ Church, Ibadan, Oyo State, Venerable Adeniyi Oluwabiyi, has explained why clapping and offering isn’t allowed in his church.

Oluwabiyi, in an interview with Tribune, acknowledged that there are similarities between his church, the Anglican Church and Cherubim & Seraphim Church. But explained that there are differences and he went ahead to point out these differences.

He said;

In our church, we don’t clap. We have a way of expressing our joy. We say people express their joy while clapping in the church, but Satan will come in to do otherwise.

In other churches where people go to the extreme by falling down in the name of prophesying or seeing visions, no one falls down here. Any gathering where people clap and dance uncontrollably paves way for the devil’s penetration and manipulation.

We don’t collect any form of offering in the church in order to observe the Sabbath and keep his temple holy. The congregation goes out to drop their offering and return into the church for blessings. You cannot see members spraying or pelting money on one another in the church,” he said.

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The reality star, Nengi Hampson continues to get all the love as her fans treat her to a lavish meet and greet in Lagos.


Ninja’s as they are preferably called showered both naira notes and dollar bills on their favorite at a flashy location in Lagos.

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Stop pressuring women to get pregnant – Khafi




The newly wed Big Brother Naija former housemate revealed that some women might have had miscarriages, or are even going through other issues in their lives, but are constantly reminded about pregnancy by the association of womb watchers.

She stated that women are not only baby making machines, and therefore, the decision to raise a family should be solely dependent on the couple.

She wrote:

“The way I’m looking at the next person who drops a pregnancy comment on my post. Continue reading if you don’t want to get BLOCKED. (I’m not joking).

“I’ve ignored them for the longest now but according to the womb watchers on social media I have been pregnant for over a YEAR. So let me get this off my heart. Some people have flat stomachs naturally and some people have big stomachs naturally. The latter is ME. And when I’m on my period it is even BIGGER. I don’t owe anyone a flat stomach but still I try to suck in my belly in every single picture and sometimes I do it better than others. The worst is that even when I’m proud of my ‘sucking in skills’ on a particular picture there is always SOMEONE who still comments something about pregnancy. This is a habit that HAS TO STOP.

“First of all, women are more than baby making machines. A woman’s fertility or decision to start a family is for her to decide, not for you to comment on in every single picture… Must our stomachs always be the first thing you look at?? 🧐

“Secondly, I’m not just speaking up for myself but for women in general. You may mean well when making pregnancy remarks but it is not always a compliment. For women who have had miscarriages, have been trying unsuccessfully for a baby, or simply conscious about their weight it can be very distressing, triggering and also puts a lot of undue pressure on them. So unless someone has announced a pregnancy or told you then please be nice and DONT COMMENT OR CONGRATULATE them on one.

“Trust me when the time is right I welcome pregnancy (twins please Lord!👶🏽👶🏽) and starting a family at God’s time. But until I’ve said I’m expecting please stop with the pregnancy comments. I’ll have no patience for them anymore and any one who writes such comments will get BLOCKED.

“To those who mean well, thank you so much, I do love you all💛 But to the amebos please be amebos elsewhere 😁. It’s pressure enough being a woman, so let’s not add to it. Happy Sunday.”

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