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‘Kennedy Agyapong should be held accountable’- Bombande bares teeth

Bambande emphasized on TV3 during an interview that Mr. Agyapong should be held accountable for his stewardship which should not be seen as an agenda by the National Democratic Congress (NDC), otherwise, it will lead to the political characterization of the effort.

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Recall that Mr. Agyapong on Friday, July 9, is reported to have allegedly threatened to attack Mr. Asare Donkor, “for the journalistic work that the latter undertook during the recent shootings and killing incident at Ejura” on his television station.

Bombande asserted: “Is it not true that part of the reason why Honorable Kennedy Agyapong has done and repeatedly threatened people in one way or the other is that there is a polarized political environment that he takes advantage of.

“I will wish that it should not be seen as NDC holding Honourable Kennedy Agyapong accountable because he is an opponent to NDC, it, must be the collective role or responsibility of all members of parliament.

“His own party should take the lead in playing that role of holding him accountable.”

A security expert Adib Sani has also asked the Privileges Committee of Parliament to deal with Mr. Agyapong following his utterances against a journalist.

He said also on the Key Points Saturday, July 17 that Mr. Agyapong has gained notoriety for making such utterances against journalists but such action has been taken against him.

“Politicians whatever they say has a direct implication on the thoughts, processes, opinions and perceptions of people they inspire. So you might say this for your audience however, it has implications. It is not the first time.

“Like I always say, if really we were in a serious country the honorable MP would have been called in by the Police and be asked tough questions.

Let us not forget it was under the same circumstances that our colleague Ahmed Suale was killed and for the chairperson of Defence and Interior Committee of Parliament to say such disparaging things, such irresponsible things is what I can’t seem to wrap my mind over. That is worrying.

“I hope the leadership of parliament will take action because it has become one too many.”

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