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Lai Mohammed: We Will Regulate, Not Shut Down Social Media



Lai Mohammed, minister of information, says the federal government has no plan to shut down social media in the country.

Mohammed said this on Thursday during a press conference on the aftermath of the #EndSARS protests.

The minister said the spread of fake news through social media catalysed the outbreak of violence across the country.

He said despite the negative effect social media had on the outcome of the protests, the government nursed no plan to shut it down.

Sunday Dare, minister of youth, had said the government had the option of shutting down social media during the #EndSARS protests but chose not to do so because it is “committed to the rights of every citizen”.

Mohammed earlier warned that if left unregulated, social media would destroy the country.

Many Nigerians have kicked against the planned regulation of social media.

A bill to effect the regulation has already scaled second reading at the senate.

But Mohammed said the government will go ahead to regulate social media.

“Keen watchers of the developments cannot fail to notice the role played by the social media in the EndSARS protest. As a veritable tool for mass mobilization, the organizers of the protest of course leveraged heavily on social media for that purpose. But on the other hand, the same social media was used to spread fake news and disinformation that catalyzed the violence that was witnessed across the country,” he said.

“This development has reinforced the campaign against fake news and disinformation, which we launched in 2018. As a matter of fact, as far back as 2017, when we dedicated that year’s National Council on Information to the issue of fake news and disinformation, we had been expressing concerns on the dangers posed by irresponsible use of the new media platform. The concerns culminated in the launch of the national campaign which I referred to earlier.

“The social media was used to guide arsonists and looters to certain properties, both public and private.

“As we have said many times, no responsible government will stand by and allow such abuse of social media to continue. The fake news/disinformation purveyors have latched on to our concerns to allege that the Federal Government is planning to shut down social media. No, we have no plans to shut down the social media. What we have always advocated, and what we will do, is to regulate the social media. Nigeria is not alone in this regard. The issue of social media regulation is an ongoing debate not just in Nigeria but around the world, including in the United States, which is the flag flyer of constitutional democracy. Even the owners of the various social media platforms, including Facebook, are increasingly joining the call for content regulation.”

Mohammed further faulted those he accused of “playing to the gallery” regarding the issue of social media regulation.

He argued that if social media is left uncensored, there may not be a country left to defend.

“What they have failed to understand is that the only reason we are even able to have this debate is because we have a country. If we allow the abuse of social media to precipitate uncontrolled internecine violence, the kind of which was narrowly averted during the EndSARS crisis, no one will remember or be able to use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, for whatever purpose,” he said.

“It is incumbent upon us all, therefore, to strike a balance between free speech – which this Administration is committed to upholding – and fake news/disinformation, which it is determined to fight.”

Source:= The Cable

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Governors question security architecture after 43 farmers were killed by Boko Haram insurgents



The Nigerian Governors’ Forum has reacted to the killing of rice farmers in Borno State by Boko Haram insurgents.

NGF Chairman and Ekiti State Governor Kayode Fayemi who described the killing as “obnoxious, wicked, unwarranted and morally reprehensible”, added that it raises serious questions on the general security situation in the country and around the capability of the nation’s security architecture.

Noting that the forum would “collectively review these issues” at its next meeting to forge the way forward, Fayemi further stated that Boko Haram has been carrying out attacks each time it seems the situation is getting under control.

He said;

“This sad narrative raises serious questions on the general security situation in the country and around the capability of the nation’s security architecture.

“Since insurgency engulfed the country more than a decade ago, each time it seems like the situation is coming under control, the enemy strikes again. This has happened consistently.

“The farmers were attacked while harvesting their produce totally oblivious of the danger that awaits them in nearby bushes. This method is consistent with the senseless bombings of busy markets, bus stations, schools and abattoirs whenever the terrorists feel overpowered by the security operatives or feel their backs against the wall.

“Governors are concerned that the carnage is degenerating beyond explicable limits, yet again, and the catalogue of destruction is not only seeming to be endless and intractable but it has an adverse effect on everything in the state and the country at large.”

The Northern Governors Forum also condemned the killing of the rice farmers. Chairman of the forum and Governor of Plateau State, Simon Lalong averred that the entire country was deeply saddened over the killing of the innocent rice farmers who committed no crime except going to the farm to earn a living.

He described it as a great setback to the efforts of Nigeria to attain domestic sufficiency in rice production as well as food security.

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Any gathering where people clap and dance uncontrollably paves way for the devil – Cleric, Adeniyi Oluwabiyi says



Venerable Adeniyi Oluwabiyi, the minister-in-charge and head of District 4, Holy Flock of Christ Church in Ibadan, Oyo State, has explained why clapping and dancing is not allowed in the church.

He also explained why collection of offering is not allowed in the church.

Oluwabiyi, in an interview with Tribune, acknowledged that there are similarities between his church, the Anglican Church and Cherubim & Seraphim Church. But explained that there are differences and he went ahead to point out these differences.

He said: “We have some similarities, but there are obvious differences. We and C&S are both white garment churches, but in our church, we don’t clap. We have a way of expressing our joy.”

He continued: “The setting is Anglican, but our mode of worship is different. We are a white garment church; we sing, read lessons, listen to sermon, and go home.”

Explaining why they do not clap or dance, Oluwabiyi said: “We say people express their joy while clapping in the church, but Satan will come in to do otherwise.

“In other churches where people go to the extreme by falling down in the name of prophesying or seeing visions, no one falls down here.

“Any gathering where people clap and dance uncontrollably paves way for the devil’s penetration and manipulation. Such activities are not part of our doctrine.”

Collecting of offering in the church is also prohibited and Olubiyi explained why this is so.

He said: “We neither sell nor buy on Sundays. It is a Sabbath Day. Significantly, today is the second day of the desecration of the Sabbath Day.

“This is why we don’t collect any form of offering in the church; the congregation goes out to drop their offering and return into the church for blessings.

“You cannot see members spraying or pelting money on one another in the church. Also, we don’t go to the jungle for any act of deliverance. We pray and sanctify water or anointing oil for deliverance in the church premises.

“We don’t take this with levity in our church. You see people spraying money in the church in other denominations, but at Holy Flock of Christ we follow the Bible strictly and make the temple of God sacred.

“Though, the Bible says we should not come to His house with empty-hand, but we should not forget that it is the same Bible that established the significance of the church as the temple of God, which must always be kept Holy.

“According to the scriptures, Jesus sent out the people buying and selling in the temple. That is why we do not spend or spray money in the church; we come out of the church auditorium, and give our offerings.”

Oluwabiyi stated that Holy Flock of Christ Church started 80 years ago and they have managed to continue in the ways set for them by Christ and their founding fathers.

He further stated that even though they do not make offerings and tithes their priorities, they do not lack.

He said: “With my wealth of experience as a cleric, no genuine and anointed pastor will be hungry. God will commission people to feed you. Unexpected offerings and gifts will come. How much is my pension? Help comes from people I do not know.”

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I received vision that I would be Governor – Oyetola



Gboyega Oyetola

Adegboyega Oyetola has narrated he received a vision of becoming the Governor of Osun state long before he joined the race.

Oyetola who disclosed this while addressing a congregation at a service held to commemorate the second anniversary of his administration at the Redeemed Christian Church of God, Osun Province 1 Headquarters, Osogbo, on Sunday November 29, stated that the revelation has continued to give him confidence of victory each time he is faced with legal and political battles since becoming governor.

He said;

“I am ordinarily not one who sees visions but on two occasions, I had a strange encounter. Imagine the son of an Imam, receiving a Christian song in a dream. That was my encounter.

“All I could remember on both occasions was the last line of the song which says ‘IleriOluwa ni lati se’. Outside of that dream, I had never heard the song before. When the impression was heavy on my heart, I called one of my friends to ask him about the song, and he told me the song was the Track 2 of Timi Oshikoya’s album.

“He went out and got me the album and immediately I started listening to the track, my consciousness was restored and then I had an understanding of what God was saying to me. That revelation has continued to give me confidence of victory each time I am faced with legal and political battles since becoming governor.”

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