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List Of Badu Kobi’s Bunch Prophecies That Have Failed In A Space Of 7-Months

The General Overseer Of The Glorious Wave International Church popularly known as Prophet Badu Kobi has “shot himself in the foot”after the majority of his prophecies went overboard.

He is known to be based on the political grounds with his prophecies but after his prophecy of John Dramani Mahama winning the 2020 Election failed him, he seems to be trying his prophecies on different grounds as well.

Badu Kobi is being backlashed on social media after the EURO final game. He prophesied that England will be the champions of Europe as well as Brazil being the champions of America.

All his prophecies didnt come to past but rather went the opposite way. Since failing in his Election Prediction, Badu Kobi has failed a couple of prophecies in a space of 7-months. Surprisingly, he dont seem to be pertubed by criticisms as he continues to fail Ghanains with his prophecies.

List of Badu Kobi’s failed prophecies;

  • He prophesied that Donald Trump will win the 2020 USA election but Joe Biden won.
  • He prophesioed that John Mahama will win the 2020 Election but President Akufo-Addo retained his seat.
  • He again prophesied that Brazil will win the 2020 Copa America but Argentina won.
  • Finally, he prophesied that England will win the 2020 EURO final but Italy won.

Y’all meet the new Elijah of our time, Badu Kobi.

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