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“Local ladies are unromantic, they can’t even buy you sneakers” – Ghanaian man living abroad jabs, flaunts gifts from white girlfriend [Video]

A Ghanaian gentleman living abroad has sent a word to Ghanaian ladies and has described how unromantic they have always been as compared to his white girlfriend.

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According to him, local ladies are so unromantic to the extent that they find it hard to even buy a pair of sneakers for their boyfriends.

Sharing a video, the man added that most Ghanaian girls are fond of buying cheap gifts for their boyfriends while they expect to receive and enjoy the costly of treats and gifts.

While he said that, he also flaunted a pair of sneakers he had received as a gift from his white girlfriend and that made him speak so fondly about the quality of love he enjoys abroad.

Clearly, this gentleman was making a distinct comparison between how local ladies misunderstand love and fail to reciprocate it properly through the exchange of mediocre gifts…he believes the white ladies or ladies living abroad are more enlightened about love and what it takes to be a loving girlfriend.

In nutshell, he believes a lady does not qualify to be described as a girlfriend if she can’t buy her man a pair of sneakers.

Check out the video below:

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