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Lord Lugard Was A Devil Incarnate, We Are Suffering What He Did To Nigeria

Paul Adefarasin
Nigerian clergy, the founder and Senior Pastor over House On The Rock, Paul Adefarasin has slammed the parents of Nigeria, the colonial masters, especially Lord Lugard, saying he was a devil incarnate.

Paul Adefarasin said this while speaking to his congregation during a service, adding that the numbers from the elections in Nigeria is a lie, and the commission in charge of the nation’s elections, INEC, is a fraud.Lord Lugard Was A Devil Incarnate, We Are Suffering What He Did To Nigeria - Adefarasin

Recall that Paul Adefarasin had advised his church members earlier in the year to ensure they have a plan B of leaving the country, whether it is boarding an okada to Cameroon or taking a boat to Seme Border. This stirred so much controversy in the nation, so much that a lot of bashings as well as support followed him.

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In his new teaching, Paul Adefarasin, spoke on some cultural and economic phases of the nation and moving to politics and governance, the clergy said Nigeria is suffering so much and it is time that the righteous ones begin to speak the truth about the happenings in the nation. According to him, Nigeria is the only country in the world where the population increases from the ocean to the desert, and this did not start from the nation but from her parents who are obviously bad parents. Watch him speak below:

Meanwhile, back in 2015, Femi Fani-Kayode, who was the spokesperson for former President Goodluck Jonathan’s campaign organisation, said Nigeria is built on satanic foundation and the manner with which nation was created in 1914 was the reason the country was still struggling. According to him, most of the African countries that were colonised by Britain had since changed their names.

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He said only Sudan and Nigeria refused to change their names and that was why they were still struggling. He added, “Most of the former British colonies changed their names after independence for similar reasons but because most of our leaders in Nigeria were not aware of these matters, they refused to do so.

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