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Man accused of rape by singer, Queency Benna, tells his side of the story, shares screenshots of their chat (photos/ video)



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Moments after Nigerian singer, Queency Benna called out one medical doctor, Alaska Obi, a chat has leaked online negating her claims.

Recall that the music star alleged that Obi who is said to be a doctor, invited her for dinner which she was initially skeptical about, but later convinced herself to go, and it turned out “a big mistake”.

She shared screenshots of extracts from their chats, and claimed that Obi raped and took advantage of her.

Meanwhile a full chat has surfaced online and given an entire twist to the story.

According to the recently released chat, the singer and doctor agreed to meet up for sex, but problem ensued when he paid her afterwards with fake transfer.

In the alleged chat, she told the “doctor that is inhuman, to have sleep with a woman in her own hotel room and left her stranded after an argument.”

Another part the chat revealed that the Queency allegedly reached out to Obi to ask for her money but the money was not sent to her and she threatened to go on social media to call him out.

Read their chat below,

Similarly in an interview with Ubi Franklin, Obi gave a full account of what transpired between him and Queency.

Watch video below,

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