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Men will always need women for steady progress — BBNaija’s Tochi claims

Reality TV star and realtor Tochi has taken to social media to highlight the significance of a woman in a man’s life.

In a recent tweet he made, Tochi indicated that men always need a touch of feminine excellence for their steady progress because men can’t do it all on their own.

He pointed to the fact that all the billionaires you know today pay close attention to their wives because they strong, intelligent and supportive women that don’t pay much attention to social media.

A lot of Nigerians have concurred with his stance and lauded him for speaking facts.

See some reactions below;

@just_4_comments wrote;

Regina is a billionaire’s wife o, make una no forget. I believe she’s strong, intelligent, and supportive sha.

@talk2mii wrote;

Men when you make it… don’t forget about the woman that was there to nurture you, lift you and believed in you. Don’t do and slay mama and wonder why your life is miserable even tho you got money

@sir_p wrote;

You are right, but I guess he is talking to the good women out there only, not those parasites looking for already made billionaire.

@precioussinach wrote;

thank u mr tochi, only the men that are married to sensible wives tho. and even if the wife is sensible, the man too has to be someone that listens, some men feel listening to there wives make dem less of a man in the house

@nene_jones wrote;

Let me understand what he means by “women that pay less attention to social media”.

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