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BREAKING: Hours after TB Joshua’s Death, Port Harcourt based Pastor, ‘Stephen Akinola’ dies

General Superintendent of Redemption Ministries Worldwide, Rev. Stephen Akinola has passed away.

His death occurred the same day Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) died

Joshua died in the wee hours of Sunday morning hours after delivering a sermon.

Akinola reportedly underwent a kidney transplant but this is yet to be verified.

His congregation and residents have besieged the church, headquartered in Port Harcourt, to pay their last respects.

Former Chairman of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), Apostle Eugene Ogu has confirmed Akinola’s death


Soldier Stabs DSS Operative To Death for Trying to Help a Boy They Labeled a ‘Yahoo Boy’ in Ekiti

Three soldiers have allegedly killed an operative of the Department of State Services (DSS) in a hotel in Ado-Ekiti.

The soldiers were said to have invaded the hotel at about 7.30 pm on Thursday during which one of the soldiers stabbed the DSS operative to death.

Further information gathered revealed the incident happened as a result of argument between the soldiers and the DSS operative, after they arrested a man suspected to be an internet fraudster inside the hostel.

The DSS operative was said to be trying to intervene over moves by the soldiers to arrest the suspect when one of the soldiers got angry and stabbed him to death.

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Ekiti Command, ASP Sunday Abutu, confirmed the incident.

Abutu revealed that the victim was killed during an argument with some soldiers and that the police are investigating the matter.


Man commits suicide after his 18-year-old wife denied him sex

A man identified as Dumisani Matonsi has committed suicide after his newly wedded 18-year-old wife denied him of his conjugal rights at Somabula in Zimbabwe on Tuesday last week.

Councillor Adam Shava disclosed that he walked out of his bedroom after a misunderstanding ensued between him and his wife over sex.

It was reported that after about an hour, the wife Sarah Mazambatate woke to check up on him, only to find him hanging on a Msasa tree branch within the yard.

The Herald reported that the case was then reported to Gweru Rural Police Station under sudden death report RBR number 4703082.


Moment widow who was thrown out of her husband’s family house with her children was allowed to pack her properties after the burial of her husband (video)

A video which captured moment the widow who was thrown out by her mother-in-law from her husband’s family house in Ezinihitte community of Mbaise, Imo state was allowed to pack her properties after the burial of her husband, has been obtained by LIB.

It was learnt that the lady’s husband Emeka Festus Nwachukwu, a Veterinary Doctor died months after battling a terminal illness. 

When LIB reached out to the lady identified as Ann Emeka, she confirmed the incident occurred on the night of Wednesday March 24, after her mother and her sister arrived to help her prepare for her husband’s burial.

She said she was queried by her mother-in-law and sister-in-law on why her mother and sister came to the family house to be with her, a night to the burial of her husband.

Ann told LIB that when she responded by asking why her mother and sister shouldn’t have come, her sister-in-law grabbed her and tried strangling her.

However after the fight was broken up, she and her family including her five children were pushed out of the family house which was locked thereafter. She added that she was allowed to witness her husband’s burial on Thursday March 25 after villagers intervened.

Recounting how she took her husband to his village from their base in Port Harcourt, Ann disclosed that she can’t go back to the South South state capital because their rent has expired. She also revealed that she is currently staying at her family house.

Members of Udo Development Frontier in the community also alleged that the woman’s only crime was not being the woman her mother-in-law wanted her son to marry. 

A message shared by the group read; 



This has been a very painful and excruciating day.

Words cannot express the bitterness and pain in our hearts. The heart is heavy. Our tank of reserved tears have long drained from our eyes. And we know without a doubt, that it is the same with a whole lot of our fair minded, compassionate and peace loving brothers and sisters on this very platform and all over the world.


Our brother, *Dr. Emeka Festus Nwachukwu* died, after months of battling with a terminal illness. And on a day that we should have been bidding him eternal farewell to the great beyond, a far greater atrocity and abomination has befallen us.

*His young widow and 5 innocent fatherless children (3 boys and 2 girls, for those who might wonder if it was because of the absence of a male child) were sent packing unceremoniously by her mother in law. They were thrown out in the pouring rain yesterday night and were only allowed to attend their husband and father’s burial today after the intervention of some Udo Stakeholders. But immediately after the burial, she was thrown back out again with her kids, bundled into a waiting vehicle and ordered out of Udo. Her only crime? that she wasn’t her mother-in- law’s taste of a wife for her son!!! EVEN WITH 5 INNOCENT CHILDREN DOWN THE LINE, THIS MOTHER IN LAW FROM HELL WAS STILL UNFORGIVING!*

It is shameful and despicable that such barbaric practice can still be seen, allowed and condoned in 21st century Udo na Obizi and Mbaise as a whole?

Right now, our immediate concern for this widow and her 5 innocent children are:

1. FOR their SAFETY.

2. Their feeding

3. A shelter in Udo… and

4. The Education of these 5 little innocent children.

.. so that the children can return back to their father land and back to school, and their mother allowed to mourn her husband in peace, as our custom and tradition demands whilst still being able to look after her children.

Our short term goal is food and feeding for them and a return to school pathway for the children; and in the medium term to secure a small parcel of land to erect a comfortable apartment for them which they can call home. We would make any long term plans after further evaluation of their situation.

*We are therefore appealing to everyone who can, to please donate whatever you can to support this widow and her innocent children at this very perilous times. We shall appreciate every kind gesture no matter how much. Clothes, mattresses, food items, school items and household items are highly welcomed.*

We shall appreciate and recognise private and or anonymous assistance to this widow and her kids if you pass it through us to mitigate any limitations in logistics and access to her.


Doctors pulls out snake from a woman’s mouth (video)

A video trending online shows the moment a snake was pulled out of a woman’s mouth in Russia by Doctors.

According to reports, the reptile crawled inside her as she slept in the yard of her home in Levashi village in Dagestan. When she started feeling unwell, she was rushed to a hospital where she was put under general anaesthetic.

During her operation, a doctor was filmed removing the snake after inserting a tube down her throat.

The female patient was not identified and her current condition is unknown.

Locals in the Levashi village say such incidents happen infrequently and they have advised people not to sleep outside because of the risk of snakes slithering inside their mouths.

Video below:

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ABSU student returns to school after the lengthy lockdown to discover the damage rats have done to his belongings

An unpleasant surprise was waiting for a student of Abia State University when he returned to his room at school after being away for months due to the lengthy lockdown.

The student found that rats had destroyed his books, chargers, Xbox pads, and his food stuff.

He shared photos showing the extent of damage done to his properties. He revealed that he killed 13 out of 15 rats found in his room and he shared photos of the dead rats.

See his post and pictures below… Viewers discretion advised.

ABSU student returns to school after the lengthy lockdown to discover the damage rats have done to his belongings
ABSU student returns to school after the lengthy lockdown to discover the damage rats have done to his belongings
ABSU student returns to school after the lengthy lockdown to discover the damage rats have done to his belongings
ABSU student returns to school after the lengthy lockdown to discover the damage rats have done to his belongings
ABSU student returns to school after the lengthy lockdown to discover the damage rats have done to his belongings

Police officer grabs and squeezes woman’s breast during arrest (Video)

Video below shows the moment a Ugandan police officer was squeezing the breast of a woman identified as Ingrid Turinawe.

According to the report, Turinawe, was the head of the Women’s League of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) in Uganda at that time.  She was arrested as she tried to drive to an opposition rally just outside the capital, Kampala.

The footage clearly shows that, as several officers tried to pull her out of her vehicle, another grabbed and squeezed her breast – and she is heard shouting out in pain.

As expected, the incident sparked outrage. A group of women reportedly stripped to their bras and marched through the center of Kampala waving placards, including one that read “How would you feel if we squeezed your balls?”

Turinawe sued the Uganda Police Force and Uganda Attorney General, for pain, suffering and general embarrassment, demanding USh560 million (approx. US$160,000), as compensatory damages. The Ugandan government publicly apologized to her and the case was settled out of court, according to the report.

Watch the video below

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Lady Flogs Her Housemaid Mercilessly For Crying Out After Her Brother Tried To Rape Her

A lady has inflicted serious injury on a little girl because the girl cried out when the lady’s brother tried to rape her.

According to Temitayo reports, the incident happened in Lagos Island. The girl reportedly attends Lafiaji High school.

Facebook user, Agatha Ayerite, who shared the story online, wrote:

“Hello Admin Please I need these pictures to go viral, this is what an Aunty did to a child that lives with her. The child was almost raped by the aunt’s brother that came to visit them, because the child cried out she was beaten beyond recognition.”


Muslim woman is cursed for opposing the death sentence on Kano singer

A Nigerian Muslim woman is receiving curses and her life has also been threatened after she opposed the death sentence handed to a Kano singer for blasphemy.

Activist, Fakhriyya Hashim, who was born and raised in Kaduna, mentioned that it is sad to see “Muslims jubilate over a death sentence of a person that has not even committed a criminal offence.”

She added that “it takes a level of depravity to feel elated that a man will be killed.

Muslim woman is cursed for opposing the death sentence on Kano singer
Muslim woman is cursed for opposing the death sentence on Kano singer

Her tweets angered some Twitter Muslims as they cursed her and also threatened her life.

She later returned to Twitter to reveal that people have been passing by her family home in Kano, searching for her.

Muslim woman is cursed for opposing the death sentence on Kano singer

This isn’t the first time she’s facing death threats for condemning the death sentence of Yahaya Aminu Sharif. Shortly after his sentencing on August 10, she spoke against it and her photo was circulated on Twitter with a noose beside her, suggesting she should be killed alongside Yahaya.

The 27-year-old also faced death threats in 2019 when she joined in championing the Arewa #MeToo movement.

Below are some of the reactions to her tweet questioning those who are rejoicing over Yahaya’s death sentence.

Muslim woman is cursed for opposing the death sentence on Kano singer
Muslim woman is cursed for opposing the death sentence on Kano singer
Muslim woman is cursed for opposing the death sentence on Kano singer
Muslim woman is cursed for opposing the death sentence on Kano singer

Lady who waited seven years for a child dies hours after welcoming a set of quadruplets (photos)

A Nigerian family has been thrown into mourning after their daughter, Adedotun Afusat Feyisara, who waited for a child for seven years, died hours after she welcomed a set of quadruplets on Tuesday, August 25.

A sister of the deceased, Olawale Adedotun Oluwatomisin, who shared the sad story on Facebook, said late Afusat welcomed her quadruplets, three girls and boy, on Tuesday which was also her wedding anniversary.

”Adedotun Afusat Feyishara, you came like a flash and you left without saying goodbye. You gave birth to 3girls and a boy on the day of your wedding Anniversary and you left same day death why why

Words can’t describe how wonderful u are, A great listener, my fashionista, my gist partner, A shoulder to lean on in the time of worries, My confidant, A sister like no other,I never for once imagined using your pics for obituary but God knows best. God took you and gave us Quadruplet(3girls and a boy) you will forever be remembered. I love you sis and I will always do, still we meet and part no more. RIP Fadimu Feyishara Afusat Ajoke Ade omo Adedotun” Oluwatomisin wrote

Lady who waited seven years for a child dies hours after welcoming a set of quadruplets (photos)
Lady who waited seven years for a child dies hours after welcoming a set of quadruplets (photos)

Afusat has since been buried according to Islamic injunctions. 

Friends and family members have taken to social media to express shock at her sudden demise.

Lady who waited seven years for a child dies hours after welcoming a set of quadruplets (photos)
Lady who waited seven years for a child dies hours after welcoming a set of quadruplets (photos)
Lady who waited seven years for a child dies hours after welcoming a set of quadruplets (photos)
Lady who waited seven years for a child dies hours after welcoming a set of quadruplets (photos)

Moment heavy flood sweeps man away in Abuja before his dead body was found hours later (video)

A man was reportedly found dead on Thursday morning, August 27, after he was swept away by heavy flood in Abuja.

The moment the man drowned was caught on video. In the tragic video, the man is seen wading through the brownish flood water that extended above his waist. He appears to miss his step and then struggles to regain balance, but the current was too heavy and he was swept away in seconds while screaming for help.

The incident reportedly happened on Wednesday, August 26, in Trademore Estate, Lugbe Abuja.

The man’s body was found this morning, August 27. 

Eyewitnesses claim he had been warned not to go in the water but he didn’t listen. He was also reportedly drunk at the time he ventured into the flooded street.

A voice in the video is heard saying, “That man done go. I dey warn am, I dey warn am.”

Below is a video showing the moment the flood swept him away.


My husband strips me naked in presence of our children, neighbours – Wife seeks divorce

A housewife, Omolola Aluko, on Thursday asked a Customary Court, sitting at Mapo in Ibadan, Oyo State capital to dissolve her 20-year-old marriage with her husband, Segun, over constant beating.

Omolola, a resident of Oluwo area in Ibadan, requested while testifying before the court’s President, Chief Ademola Odunade.

She said her request had become inevitable because her husband had threatened to kill her and constantly beats her, NAN reports.

“Once Segun finishes beating me, he usually strips me naked even in the presence of our children and other onlookers.

“My lord, my explanation may not be enough to tell how terrible Segun is and how he had subjected me to the most degrading dehumanisation.

“Moreover, he does nothing to cater for our four children, let alone myself.I have been solely responsible for the children’s education and other welfare.

“Segun is also planning to take over my house from me, that is the house I built with my little earnings,’’ she told the court.

However, the respondent, who did not contest the application for divorce, denied most of the applicant’s allegations.

Segun told the court that his estranged wife was a lazy woman and watches him while he cooks and washes his clothes himself.

“Omolola cannot endure. When there was enough, she stayed calmly with me, but in times of hardship, I became a bad husband.

“Except for this COVID-19 pandemic period, I have been responsible to the children by paying their school fees and other welfares,’’ Segun told the court.

In his judgment, Odunade granted the plaintiff’s request for dissolution of the marriage because of the lack of love between the duo.

He, however, granted custody of all the children to Omolola and instructed Segun to pay N20,000 as their monthly feeding allowance in addition to being responsible for their education and other welfare.


19-year-old boy allegedly shot by policeman for impregnating a 17-year-old girl in Rivers state (graphic photo)

A 19-year-old boy identified as Ledisi Kote risks losing one of his legs after allegedly being shot by a policeman for impregnating a 17-year-old girl in K. Dere community in Gokana local government area of Rivers State. 

Facebook user Tuka Loanyie said the incident occurred on Friday August 21, and further revealed that the “trigger-happy” policeman is attached to Kpor police division. 

It was also learnt that the policemen who allegedly shot the boy in the leg is yet to take full responsibility. Loanyie disclosed that the boy will have to undergo three different surgeries or risk going through an amputation. 

He wrote; 

his 19years old boy by name Ledisi Kote was shot by a trigger happy police man from Kpor Division in Gokana LGA of Rivers state, simply because he impregnated a girl.

According to the sick father, he was in his compound in K. Dere community in Gokana local government area of Rivers state on Friday morning around 7AM, when a Sienna drove into his compound with about four armed police men. They went straight to his son’s room door and was banging and cocking guns. He approached them to inquire from them what his son did wrong that they were looking for him, but non of them answered him. It was one of them who angrily told him that his son impregnated a girl. I mean, that’s the only crime!!

The next thing he heard from the backyard of his house is a gunshot. One of the officers shot his son on the leg simply because he impregnated a girl. They went away with him while he was bleeding profusely and hid him in a private hospital.

I and Enefaa Georgewill took the father to the Police headquarters on Moscow road in Port Harcourt and officially laid down a complaints about what their officers did to an innocent boy. His only offense was because he impregnated a girl. We made arrangements and transferred him from the village to a better government owned hospital in Port Harcourt.

There are good police officers but the bad eggs amongst them are the ones giving the force a bad image.

I am making this post because up til now, the officer that did this is yet to take full responsibility of the medications. The doctor said he will have to undergo three different surgeries or else his leg might be amputated. We want justice for this boy. It could be me or you tomorrow.

19-year-old boy allegedly shot by policeman for impregnating a 17-year-old girl in Rivers state (graphic photo)
19-year-old boy allegedly shot by policeman for impregnating a 17-year-old girl in Rivers state (graphic photo)
19-year-old boy allegedly shot by policeman for impregnating a 17-year-old girl in Rivers state (graphic photo)
19-year-old boy allegedly shot by policeman for impregnating a 17-year-old girl in Rivers state (graphic photo)

Zimbabwean Man Dies After His Lover Pulled His Private Part During Intense Fight

Tragedy struck in Mt Hampden, Zimbabwe after a 49-year-old man identified as Christopher Muchenga died after his lover pulled his private parts during a scuffle.

 The man’s lover has been identified as Mbuya Ropafadzo and it was gathered the incident occurred last week.

Muchenga died after his private part was pulled while being pinned on the ground by Ropafadzo’s other lover. His family’s spokesperson, Margaret Kamwaza said he decided to have a quality time with Mbuya Ropafadzo after receiving his salary payment before the sad incident occurred.


She said;

“We have lost a loving brother and circumstances to his death is painful considering that he was merry making with his lover after receiving money meant to support the family.

“He was reported to have received money from a piece job and went to a shebeen where he hooked up with his lover.

“They spent the whole night and upon arriving at the lover’s house they were reported to have made noise that awakened neighbours and the lover pulled him his private parts and breathed his last.”

It was also alleged that after Muchenga died, Ropafadzo dragged his body to the door entrance and called the police thereafter, claiming that an unknown man was found dead on her doorstep. The deceased is survived by four children.


SARS officers cuts man’s leg with machete, extorts money from him – Delta state (video)

Nigerian SARS officers attached to the command headquarters in Asaba , Delta State, has reportedly assaulted and extorted money from a 26-year-old man named Samuel.

The alleged attack took place on Saturday, August 22, and was brought to social media by activist Harrison Gwamnishu.

According to Human Rights Activitist, Harrison, the victim was on a motorcycle with his girlfriend when he was accosted by the officers at Koka Junction in the state capital.

Harrison added that Samuel’s only crime was that he was wearing a dreadlock hairstyle. As a result, the officers allegedly tortured him and his girlfriend.

He said: “The SARS officers dragged him from the Okada and forced him and his girlfriend into their car.

“The victims demanded to know where they were being taken to but the officers responded by macheting Samuel’s leg.

“They seized his ATM card and forced him to disclose his pin and withdrew N15,400 from his account.

“I’m calling on the Delta State government to please intervene by putting an end to the constant harassment Nigerians face from SARS.”

Watch the video;


From Today, If you kill us, we will kill you – Nnamdi Kanu Tells Nigerian Police, DSS, Army

Following the clash between IPOB members and security operatives in Eleme, Enugu state, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has urged IPOB members to kill any Nigeria police, DSS, or Army that kills Any IPOB member henceforth.

Recall that About 3 IPOB members were shot dead in Enugu, meanwhile DSS claimed that about 2 of their officers were attacked and killed by the IPOB members during the clash.

In Reaction, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu wrote: “Enugu State Commissioner of Police, Ahmad Abdurraham MUST understand that the era of killing unarmed civilians in Biafraland is over.”

“What happened in Emene Enugu is a taste of what is to come. Fulani terrorist police and army must know that we will not allow the ancient land of our ancestors to be overrun by Fulani terrorists posing as Nigerian Police, DSS & Army.”

“Any police or unit that dare attack unarmed civilians in Biafraland will pay a heavy price henceforth. If you don’t want us to agitate in peace, we will agitate in pieces. Self defence is a fundamental human right and we intend to exercise it to the fullest.”

“If you kill us, we will kill you.”


Three-year-old girl falls and dies inside a well in Lagos (photos)

A three-year-old girl, Seyi Jebose, has died after she fell inside a well in the compound she resides in with her parents in Ipaja area in Lagos state on Saturday evening, August 22.

Confirming the incident to newsmen, the spokesperson of the Lagos State Emergency Agency LASEMA, Nosa Okunbor, in a statement released, said the victim died on arrival at Solad Hospital, Maria Street, Baruwa in Ipaja, where she was rushed to for treatment.

Three-year-old girl falls and dies inside a well in Lagos (photos)

“Upon arrival at the incident scene, the team was told that a three-year-old girl, Miss Seyi Jebose, fell inside a well at 1, Gemini Bus Stop, Baruwa, Ipaja. Further investigation revealed that the girl fell through the rusty cover of the well while playing in the compound where she lives with her parents.

“With the combined efforts of LASEMA, Lagos State Fire Service, and NPF Alagolo Division, the girl was brought out of the well and rushed to Solad Hospital, Maria Street, Baruwa Ipaja, where she was confirmed dead on arrival.

The body has been handed over to the family members and Police officers from Alagolo Police Station led by Inspector Abumere. Operation concluded”the statement in part read

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Just In: Nigerian police shoots IPOB members in Enugu state, 2 dead (video)

The Nigerian Police has reportedly shot unarmed IPOB members Enugu state, killing at least 2 persons at the time of filling this report.

According to a source, the IPOB members were carrying out peaceful protest in the state before they clashed with the Police.

In a video shared online by somto okonkwo, Monitored by GISTSBAZE , the person who filmed the video can be heard saying, “As you can see, they are shooting our people, atleast 2 persons has been shot dead now.”

Watch the video below


Woman Thrown Inside A Well By A Kidnapper, Rescued Alive After 3 Days (Videos)

A Nigerian woman, identified as Mrs. Chizoba Eke, has been rescued alive after spending three days in a well in Igwuruta, Ikwerre area of Rivers State.

According to reports, the mother was thrown into the well by a suspected kidnapper, who also abducted her child and left her for dead.

A source said she was rescued after military personnel arrested the suspected kidnapper on his way to an unknown location with the child.

“He told them where the woman was, thinking she was dead, but on getting there, they discovered that she was still alive,” the source added.

woman-well 1
woman-well 2
woman- well 3


Another man chained by father for 30 years rescued in Kano

A 55-year-old man, Murtala Muhammad, has been rescued by the police in Kano after being locked up in a room by his father for 30 years.

Muhammad, a resident of Kofar Fada in Rogo Local Government Area of ​​Kano State, was rescued by the police and Human Rights Network on Thursday.

The victim was said to have been chained due to his mental illness.

Man chained in Kano

Comrade AA Haruna Ayagi, Executive Director of Human Rights Network, said Muhammad was 25 years old when he was locked up in the house.

The development comes four days after the police rescued Ibrahim Lawan, a man held captive by his father for 15 years in the same city.