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Monkey steals man’s iPhone, takes selfies & dumps it in the jungle (video)



A man discovered a cheeky monkey had stolen his iPhone when he recovered it and found a selfie on his camera roll, Dailystar UK reports.

The pesky primate took the phone from student Zackrydz Rodzi’s house in Johor, Indonesia while he slept. When the 20-year-old woke up, he thought he had been burgled, but couldn’t see any signs of a break-in.

He was even more confused to find his phone casing under his bed but not his phone. Having no luck with the Find My iPhone app, he tried calling his mobile on another device.

The following day, Saturday, September 12, he was shocked to find his phone after hearing a ringtone coming from a jungle near his house. It was muddied and lying under a palm tree, but otherwise undamaged.

Stunned to discover it again, he looked through his camera roll to try and uncover more about the thief.

To his surprise, he found a series of pictures and even a couple of “selfies” taken by the apparent culprit – a monkey. The animal even unwittingly filmed itself trying to eat the phone.

An amused Zackrydz shared the images in a Twitter thread on Sunday, September 13. “I didn’t know there was a monkey living in my housing area but damn you monkey, you’ve made my life miserable for the past couple of days,” he said.

He tried to lure the “thief” with another phone, but the monkey burglar has yet to return.

Apparently, he has something of a criminal record, with Zackrydz’s neighbours telling him their phones had been snatched by the primate in the past.

As humans encroach further and further into monkey’s territory, they are interacting more with humans than ever before.

Last month in Malaysia, a terrifying army of rampaging monkeys invaded a town and even tried to kidnap children.

The long-tailed macaques live in a forested area next to a neighbourhood in Puchong in the south of the country, but often breach the compound and enter built-up areas.

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I volunteer to be the leader of Endsars protest – Kogi Governor, Yahaya Bello declares (Video)



Kogi state Governor, Yahaya Bello has volunteered to be the leader of the decentralized nationwide endsars protests against police brutality in Nigeria.

After asking that the #EndSARS protests be halted as it has been hijacked by thugs across the nation, Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State has volunteered to be the leader of the movement. 45-year-old Yahaya Bello, who presumably thinks his age cuts him as a youth, said this in interview on Africa Independent Television AIT.

The governor also called on his colleagues to take charge of their state and avoid anymore loss of life in the peaceful protest that has spanned up to 11days nationwide.

Twitter users took no time before dragging the self imposed leader of the movement they’ve reiterated overtime, has no face or leadership.

Watch the interview and reactions below:

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“God Bless Una” – Freed Edo State Prisoners Speak Amid Tears Of Joy (VIDEO)



Some freed prisoners of Ugbekun Police Station, Oba Market Police Station and Idogbo Post in Benin, Edo Station have spotted expressing their utmost gratitude to the hoodlums who freed them.

In a video making the rounds on social media, two of the prisoners looked very relieved and could not hide their excitement as one of the claimed he has been under detention for 2 years.

One of the freed prisoners revealed.

“My IPO Inspector Dele unlawfully detained me for 2years and ate all my money”

Another prostrated on the ground thanking everyone around him.

“God bless una” he said.

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Buhari is worse than Jonathan, I call for his resignation- Yul Edochie rakes



Nollywood actor, Yul Edochie has called for the resignation of president Muhammadu Buhari for incompetence and abysmal performance as the number citizen of the country.

Reacting to how the Endsars demonstrations has played out in the last 10days, the actor juxtaposed Buhari’s tenure to that of former president Goodluck Jonathan who wasn’t much of a far cry. Yul recalls how the president was a vocal opposition during the PDP-led administration.

Taking to his twitter page, he wrote:

“President Buhari was very vocal during the previous Govt.
He called for Goodluck’s resignation on the basis of poor performance.
Today Buhari’s performance is worse than that of Jonathan.
We put our hopes in him & he failed us.
I call for Buhari’s resignation.“

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