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My body is man but my soul and spirit is woman – James Brown reveals what his illness thought him

Crossdresser James Brown has revealed what his recent illness thought him saying he now accepts the fact that his body is still a man but his spirit and soul is a woman.

Jame Brown has been sick for a while now and no one knows what his healing process was that has made him realized that no matter what he does or how he dresses, he’s still a man but then added that despite that he knows his spirit and soul is a woman.

According to him, his recent healing has made him understand a part of life and that is he’s born as two in one because he now knows his body is a man no matter what he does or how he dresses but his spirit and soul are a woman.

We can’t tell what James Brown means by his spirit and soul is a woman but guess he’s just trying to console himself with the fact that a part of him is a woman to be able to feel comfortable and dress as a woman even though he has now realized that he’s still a man no matter what.

It’s a good thing James Brown has realized no matter how beautiful he dresses as a woman, he’s still a man and that can’t be changed but then that isn’t stopping him from dressing as a woman as he has claimed his body and soul is a woman.

How one’s body can be a man and his spirit and soul being a woman is something only James Brown can enlighten us about since he’s the first to claim to be a man in body but a woman in spirit and soul which is very confusing.

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