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My Boyfriend Kicked Me Out Of His House & Told Me He Never Wants To See Me Again – Lady Cry Out



My Boyfriend Kicked Me Out Of His House & Told Me He Never Wants To See Me Again – Lady Cry Out

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Please bear with me as I type this while crying and waiting for my mother to come pick me up.

My wife and I have had a few breakups in our three years together. He’s dumped me at least five times, and I know for a fact that one of those times he went out with another kid, but she turned him down, so he came back to me

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I’m ashamed enough to invite him out. When we split up, he leaves me alone and then returns to me with some kind of problem. I let him stay with me and my mother after he informed me he had been thrown out by his grandma.

He eventually found a new house, despite the fact that we were no longer together. He has mental health issues with which he continues to pursue medication, but I have accompanied him to the hospital anytime he has needed to go.

He texts me often, saying that I am his life’s love and that he wants to marry me. As we split up for the last time in October, I started dating somebody else, who he found out about, and he went through a tough patch

a mental wellbeing problem My ex said he had an issue because he loved me too much, so I went to help him and obviously avoided seeing the new guy, but he then asked me to leave and blocked me on anything.

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He even invited me over for the weekend, which I declined because I thought it would be a terrible idea. But he promised that we should see Halloween movies and it would be just like old times, so I went, and it was fantastic. We had a lot of adventures.

I’m not sure what happened, but about 20 minutes ago he came into the room and showed me his screen, showing that he was blocking me on everything. He then proceeded to tell me that everybody thinks he’s a dick and that I should quit because he’ll never speak to me again.

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What can you say to this?

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