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My Husband is a Chronic Cheat, I Just Discovered Another Secret He Never Told Me – Woman Cry Out



My Husband is a Chronic Cheat, I Just Discovered Another Secret He Never Told Me – Woman Cry Out

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Marriage is meant to be blissful. Yes we all know marriage is not a bed of roses, but it is ordained by God for couples to love and cherish each even in difficult times. But when a marriage is full of secrets and unfaithfulness, it becomes a problem.

This is exactly the case of a woman whose name is Mrs Blessing Abraham who said she has been dealing with a husband who is a chronic cheat and it’s weighing her down. She revealed this in a Facebook group known as “Mummies Forum”. According to her, she has been married for 11 years and her husband has changed drastically, as he cheats on her by sleeping with different women even the ones on their area of residence. Whenever she tries to talk to him about it, he becomes violent and it eventually leads to them quarreling. She said she discovered in the 5th year of their marriage that her husband had a 15 years old child living in Kaduna but never bothered to tell her. As it stands now they have 4 children together and she is really frustrated about the whole issue.

Additionally, she said she has fasted and prayed frequently for him to change, but all to no avail. She has never denied him of her marital duties as a wife, yet he keeps cheating on her. Each time she sees him, see feels more pain and her respect for him has reduced drastically, as she doesn’t believe in the words “TRUST IN MARRIAGE” anymore.

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For this reason, she decided to share her pain with her fellow women in the Facebook group to seek for their advise as she is already loosing her mind.

Below is the post she shared.



The pain of having a husband that cheats on you with random women, and to add more injuries to the one inflicted is discovering he has a 15 years old child out of wedlock 5 years into your marriage without telling you is an insult to her person.


What advise do you think you can give her since her husband is an unrepentant cheat coupled with the fact that he has a 15 years old child in Kaduna?

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