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“My wife lied against me because l asked for DNA test and divorce,” Man accused of molesting his son speaks



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Prior it was accounted for that a specific woman who recognizes as Onyinye Onome on Facebook, took to the social stage to call out her husband on Molesting their 9 Months and 2 weeks old son.

According to her, her husband whom she called Chukwutem Victor Inalu, was a man into his fellow men and she had made reports to his family members back home concerning this twice, but they turned deaf ears.

Her post which accused her husband of child molestation

Now it happens that Chukwutem Victor Inalu, her husband, the accused, has also taken to his Facebook account to declare that the accusations made against him by his wife were indeed false.

According to Mr. Victor, his wife is very abusive and violent towards him and this has been very concerning for him and his family. He went on to State that he had left their family house after Christmas all because of her violent behavior to him and he feels she ought to see a psychiatrist.

He went on to State that he isn’t a man who will be interested in his fellow man and neither is he a child molester.

Based on his post, everything his wife said against him was all because he demanded for a DNA test to be conducted on his son and also for a divorce as he could not tolerate her violent behavior again.

He also said that his wife had earlier threatened to set him up on way or the other. All this occurred after his demands for a DNA test and a divorce was made as she didn’t want the marriage to end.

Recall that since this year began, DNA Test has been a much trended topic across all media and a lot of Nigerian men who don’t trust their wives are now demanding for the test. Apparently, Mr. Victor seems to be one of such men.

He further went on to declare that he will release more evidences in the form of texts and voice recordings to further prove his innocence.

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