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Mzansi In Shock And React To A Video Of Truck Driver Being Attacked By ‘Tokoloshe’ While Driving



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A 30-second video was posted on social media where a truck’s dash camera captured the moment a truck driver seems to be under attack from invisible forces while driving.

In the video, the driver can be seen in total control of the truck and everything seems to be okay. His co-driver can also be seen soundly asleep on the passenger side seat.

watch video here

Some people shared different opinions on facebook as to what could have happened.

Thuso Mabote wrote: It seems like epilepsy. The companies should take their drivers to medical test each and every 6 month if something like this happen then the doctor give an account. Some people got attacked by heart attack while in the truck , you just ask yourself how he was given a truck while his medical status is not so good.

SIndi Mampho wrote: This is epilepsy i know a security guard in our complex he has it, it comes in episode you can be talking to him the nxt minute his twisting and turning, and 10 seconds his fine. No witchcraft here. He needs to see a doctor.

Wrote another: One of my former colleague suffers from that😢 he would turn around numerous times and then fall on the ground, then we would bring him a pillow and make him sleep side ways then after a few minutes he would be fine

Joe Mario commented: This is witchcraft it seems something was distracting him check how he looked at the back shame.

Samkeliso added: Nope this is not an epileptic fit. They’ve bewitched the man he’s definitely seeing something that sent him straight into a state of shock. This is definitely witchcraft

Many seemed to agree with Siyabonga’s explanation when he wrote:

Some truck owners are not aware that certain truck drivers are not happy if the truck they drive all the time is given to someone else. That’s when they start using muthi and all these evil things.

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