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‘Ndigbo Republic, Not Biafra May Emerge If South-East Fail To Produce President’



A Presidential aspirant of the All Progressives Congress, APC, in 2019, Chief Charles Udeogaranya, has said that the way things are going in Nigeria, Ndigbo Republic may emerge instead of Biafra.

According to him, “if after 50 years of Nigeria/Biafra civil war and political power brokers do not find it expediently urgent to close this monumental gap of inequality by giving a sense of belonging to the South-East region of Nigeria, then Ndigbo Republic (NR) is inevitable and I will lead the struggle of its actualisation.”

Udeogaranya said that Ndigbo remains more Nigerian than any other Nigerian ethnic group and will always play their big brother role of pan-Africanism.

Ndigbo, he said wants the best for the Yoruba nation, Hausa nation, Fulani nation, Ijaw nation and every other nationality in Nigeria but cannot get the best of these nationalities by one ethnic group acting like Emperor over others.

“This is not at prejudice to all our Nigerian brothers and sisters..The Ndigbo Republic will not drag anyone along as in Biafra but purely based on Willink minorities Commission map of Nigeria (1957-1958). This will not be necessary if the political power brokers do the right thing and ensure that the South-East produces the 2023 Presidency that is long overdue.

“Days of slavery are long gone and we must start creating a better life for all Nigerians. Japan has no oil but look how wonderfully they made their country by delving into so many areas of survival. I have confidence that Ndigbo will impress and organise Nigeria in such a way that even Northern Nigeria will record an unprecedented enormous success.

“Let me also point this out that Northerners are not lazy and are more sincere than most other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria. This was the same template that China has and with the right leadership was achieved.

“Ndigbo will give the right leadership to all other ethnic nationalities in Nigeria.”

Source:- Vanguard

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