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Nigeria Needs A Female President Because We Have A Lot To Offer, Men Have Been Ruling Us For Decades



Nigeria Needs A Female President Because We Have A Lot To Offer, Men Have Been Ruling Us For Decades..

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A video of one of the popular Nigerian actress, influencer and public figure, Okoye Uche has surfaced on social media, this came after she read a comment where it was stated that Nigeria needs a female President to rule the country.


In her bid to respond to this comment that she read, Okoye Uche made posted a video on her social media page where she started that men have been ruling the country for quite a while and it is time to give women the opportunity because there are a lot of things to offer.

In this video, Okoye Uche categorically asked Nigerians and her fans to vote for her as the next president of Nigeria because female know how to manage things economically and that they are intelligent. And according to some of the videos she shared on her Instagram story, she told her fans that if she becomes the president, the unemployment rate will be reduced, there will be light in the country 24/7, the roads will be rebuilt, there will be woman empowerment and that Nigeria will be as developed as Dubai.

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After she shared these videos, some of her fans questioned her decision while some said that a lady should be given a chance to rule the country.

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Here are some of the replies her fans gave her:-





What is your take on what Okoye Uche said? Should a lady be given a chance to rule the country?

Kindly let me know what you think about this in the comments section below.


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