Nigerians, See Your Mates! Ghanaian Youths Reject Rice From Lawmaker, Demand Jobs

Some youths in Ghana have put their lawmaker to shame, rejecting his souvenir rice and asking him to do better by rather providing employment opportunities for them.

It is pretty much a thing during electioneering periods that politicians remember those they are in office to serve, giving them food items, tee-shirts and other souvenirs as a strategy to draw them closer and get their favour, loyalty and eventually, their votes.

In a video which surfaced on social media, the youths of Damongo town in the West African country were seen throwing the bags of rice they were presented with back into a vehicle parked by.

According to reports, the bags of rice were sent to them by NPP politician, Samuel Abu Jinapors, who represents their constituency in the country’s parliament. “We need jobs, not rice“, one of them was heard saying in English in the video.

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