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Nina Hastie reveals one thing everyone in the world needs



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Nina Hastie has taken to social media to reveal one thing that everyone needs.

The renowned actress and comedienne made this known in a recent post she shared on her verified social media handle on the popular platform, Twitter.

According to her, one thing that everyone in the world needs is a desire to fall deeply in love with himself or herself.

Her post reads;

“All you need is a desire to fall deeply in love with yourself.”

Days ago, she spoke about her breakthrough in the movie industry which happened five years ago.

According to her, she got her big breakthrough by working according to her timeline meaning she made good use of her time.

The post she made reads;

“I got my big break 5 years ago. Don’t work according to my timeline and think you have time to waste. I’m old now – fuck that, work your tits off and do your best.”

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