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“No Man Or Woman Has Ever Touched This Body, Am a Virgin”- Lady Proudly Says



“No Man Or Woman Has Ever Touched This Body, Am a Virgin”- Lady Proudly Says

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I believe anyone would agree with me that, in this time and age. The longing to be intimate with someone is a core desire for almost everyone around the world especially for young people who seem to not think much about life except for relationships.

Well that desire of loving and being loved has over time caused more harm than good. These days, we see so called teenage and young adult relationships being destroyed because one party has gotten what they initially wanted from that relationship and that’s usually money or intercourse.

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Over time, the level of celibacy has reduced as everyone seems to want a taste of how it feels like. Hence the reason why many complain that there is little to no lady or guy who would claim to be a virgin.

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Wonderfully, a stunning lady has taken to her twitter page to break the jinx that a tall, beautiful lady can still stay a virgin even at festive seasons when the temptations are high.

Known simply as Khanya Nolz, the 6 feet tall slender beauty posted that she’s proud to be a virgin even in festive periods like Christmas and Easter, no man or woman has had the chance of going intimate with her.

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In her words;

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“No men or women has ever touched this body even on Christmas and Easters . Virgin dairies”

Hilariously, this triggered a whole 400 plus people who trooped in to air their view on her post. Dozens of men pleaded with her to be her man, whilst others offered to give her everything.

The comments didn’t go without some critics criticizing her, calling her a liar, mocking her body and tattoos. Some even swore that they do not believe her claims.

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The picture which has garnered over 5,000 likes is still being engaged. What do you think about it?

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