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Now you can meet and have dinner with your favorite celebrity like Pamela and more – See how

Many influencers share so much content for free on social media and are not paid for that. One question that keeps coming up is how they can make money with their followers.

One of the social media influencers you could meet

Now there is a new opportunity for their dreams of monetizing their influence to come true.

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A new platform called that helps influencers make as much as $1,000 a week with their fans with online or offline meet and greet with their fans.
Many influencers on the platform get deals everyday and make a lot of money with popular listings such as:

Birthdays Wish video for fans,One on one Live video call with a fan,One on one coaching session with fans, In person meet and greet with fans amongst others.

In a short QnA with, they explained what they whole meet and greet app is all about.

When the site was created?
The website was created few months ago this year 2021

How can it be accessed?
The website can be accessed for free an internet connection by visiting on your web browser.

What type of influencers can people meet?
All types of influencers ranging from Top Actors, Actresses, Musicians, Models, CEO’s, Public Speakers, Religious Leaders amongst others.

Are the influencers limited to Ghanaians alone?
No, Influencers and fans in Ghana, Africa or anywhere in the world can be part of the platform.

Can an influencer also register?
Yes, an influencer can register themselves or get touch with the number on the website to get registered.

How long does it take to meet with an influencer?
After a fan has booked to meet an influencer, it can take between 1-3days for an influencer to confirm meeting and meet with a fan.

Who curated the idea?
The Idea of the website was curated by the Team and Myself Darlington Wagner, the African representative.

Some of the influencers in Ghana that are on the platform are Actress Purfcie Conna, Actress and Fashionista Haillie Sumney, Model, Actress and Video Vixen Pamela Odame Watara, Musician Efe Keyz amongst others.

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