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Nuel Finally Opens Up To His Crush Of 2 Years In Episode 5



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Shoot Your Shot with Bisola Aiyeola is proving the perfect 30 minutes escape for a Sunday night and it’s not hard to see why.

The Africa Magic dating show is simply the most hilarious thing on TV right now and everyone seems to agree with this.

The latest episode introduces us to Nuel Oyebade, a 28-year-old photographer based in Lagos.

Nuel has been crushing on Victoria for two whole years but hasn’t had the courage to express his feelings to her.

He had met her two years ago while taking a stroll on the beach and offered to take a picture of her and her friend. Victoria’s friend dismissed him because she thought he wanted to take the picture in exchange for money, but unlike her friend, Victoria was very pleasant and agreed to strike a pose for him.

They exchanged numbers so he could send the photos to her and a friendship developed from there.

But even though they kept in touch, they never saw each other again for the simple reason that Victoria stays on the Island while Nuel lives on the mainland.

Anyway, with the help of Bisola and the Shoot Your Shot team, he planned an intimate dinner to finally tell her how he feels about her.

When the big reveal finally came, Victoria was surprised to see that he was the one who planned the whole thing as they had only seen each other that one time.

Nuel was very nervous but in the middle of their dinner, he finally told her he wants to be her boyfriend. Victoria thanked him for going all out to plan the dinner but let him know that she needed more time to get to know him and see if he fits into her future.

Shoot Your Shot airs on Africa Magic, DStv Channel 151 at 6:30 PM every Sunday!

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