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‘Oral sex is not stated in the Bible’ – Bishop Chris Kwakpovwe shares his thoughts



Bishop Chris E Kwakpovwe, the publisher of Our Daily Manna devotional has shared his thoughts concerning a tricky subject in Christiandom which is about oral sex.

Bishop Kwakpovwe held his first edition of Relationship and Marital issues series on Facebook where he spoke on the subject of marriage. A fan quizzed him about oral sex and the stance of scriptures concerning the topic.

He made it known that it is not stated in the Bible so he cannot judge if it is wrong or not.

He said.‘Oral sex is not stated in the bible, however to answer this question on this platform, i’ll advise such couple to sit down and have the conversation between themselves. It’s not in my place to tell you yes or no or tell you how to express your love’

He also spoke on finding happiness in marriage and said: ‘if you’re unable to make yourself happy outside marriage, then you’ll most likely never be happy in marriage because you’ll always be waiting for your spouse to make you happy when your spouse falls short you’ll become miserable.

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Really and truly, marriage is for companionship because what happens if your spouse dies? Will you keep getting married over and over again?”.

‘happiness is a thing of the inside, if you seek to find it outside the inside you may never find it. You have to figure out way to be happy from within yourself, this is the ultimate. As such, its always best not to go into a relationship if you don’t love yourself’.

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