Few hours after her disqualification from the house, Erica gets brand new Mercedez Benz and a cash prize from fans

Some hours after her disqualification from the Big brother Naija house for her misbehavior, the popular former BBNaija Lockdown housemate, Erica has a brand new Mercedez Benz and a cash prize of 2 million naira waiting for her.


Erica and Laycon’s quarrel is what can be called “Battle Of The Giants” as they were ultimately the housemates with the largest fan base who never stops to show their love for them in ways they can. One of those ways is the cash donation and car gift planned to be handed to Erica by her fans as soon as she is available to get them.


This news came when a fan of Erica took to Instagram to renew their stance with the beautiful ex-housemate. The fan identified as chide.mike_cars with the support of some other fans on the platform shares the photo of Mercedez Benz they are gifting out to the disqualified housemates.

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“Safe journey Erica, no sha pass Oshodi, nah there iCons plenty pass” – Nigerians react as Erica gets disqualified from BBNaija show

Following the disqualification of BBNaija housemate, Erica from the reality TV show on Sunday night, Nigerians have already started reacting to the development as they stress that she brought it upon herself.

Erica disqualified from Big Brother Naija House after getting a third strike

Biggie had earlier Sunday evening, gathered all of the housemates to the lounge as usual and a video of their misbehavior (s) is played for the rest of the housemate to watch.

All the happenings of Erica’s misbehavior last night was played for the rest of the housemate to watch which was much to each and every one of them’s surprise… and Erica too was seen wearing a disappointed look.

After stressing that she infringed a lot of the rules of the Big Brother house, Erica finally got disqualified from the house which was announced by Big Brother — with her out of the house, she has missed her chance of winning the grand prize of 85million Naira.

While this is much to the disappointment of her fans, it’s also much to the delight of other viewers of the show who have since taken to social media to air their views over the development.

Here are some of their reactions below,

@amie_oliviaa: It’s sad that Erica is disqualified because she had potential, maybe she could have won, but she spoilt her game truly, In all, shes still human and she’s not perfect, let’s take it easy with the harsh comments biko nuFolded hands

@itz_DoDo: “Laycon isn’t responsible for Erica misfortune… Kiddwaya and Ozo will have to drag Nnegi…It’s getting more interesting”

@marco2566: “Erica you will always be our twin..I hope this disqualification doesn’t stop you from being the best you can be.. I pray you go to the very top in life.. Ozo loves you and superions love you”

@Chiomaellaa: When your bestfriend is God.. you are not alone Erica!!!! Love you babygirl

@CruiseMasterr: You captured our hearts with your smile baby girl ❤❤🥰🥰🥰 I’m actually relieved we have you here all to ourselves now. Let’s do great things together Erica!!!!!

@sir_harbimz: Erica was disqualified and only Kidd got up to hug her… tells you about the kind of person she is

@danielaa_danda: Erica, thank you for teaching me that it’s okay not to tolerate slander from a man all in the name of feelings. Thank you for teaching me that it’s okay to cook indomie with oil. Thank you for showing me that it’s okay to be bubbly and be emotional. Thank you. #Erica Red heart

@GoziOleks_1: Erica was NEVER a bad person. She’s free spirited but a different person when she’s intoxicated. Anyone happy that she’s disqualified, especially the ladies, I hope you a boy does the same thing Laycon did to her when you reject his advances. Relationship is not by force #BBNaija

@Al_ameen_Yabo: Erica has been disqualified from Big brother by Biggie. This is enough reason for you to stop acting when you are mad. Your mouth can close a lifetime opportunity for you.


Don Jazzy’s reaction to Lucy’s eviction from the house

Popular Nigerian Producer and Label Boss, Don Jazzy, has hailed Lucy for the way she reacted when her name was announced as the next housemate to be evicted from the Big Brother Naija house.


Lucy apparently was one of the nominated housemates who had few votes from viewers of the show which caused her eviction from the Big Brother house.


After she was announced as the next housemate to leave the house, Lucy didn’t even wait to embrace the rest of the housemates or even give Biggie the chance to tell her “she has 10 seconds to leave the house”.

Don Jazzy acknowledge her cold-reaction and praised her for taking it like a boss.

His post on twitter reads ;

Osheeeee Lucy took it like a boss..

That Lucy’s exit has to go down in history as a fvcking classic exit of all time o


BBNaija: With Erica disqualified and Lucy evicted, check the votes Laycon got compared to other housemates

Today was filled with a whole lot of drama right from  Erica’s disqualification and Lucy ‘s eviction.

First, Erica was first disqualified for constantly breaking the house rules and infringements.

Erica disqualified from Big Brother Naija House after getting a third strike

While Lucy was evicted from the Big Brother Naija Reality TV show, after having the lowest votes.

Below is how Nigerians voted for their favorite housemate and wow!, laycon fans were not joking with their promise;

Laycon had the Highest votes with 41.41% votes.

Kiddwaya came second with 16.20 votes.

Nengi came third with 13.32% votes

Trikkytee came Fourth with 11.19% votes.

Vee came Fifth with 9.78% votes.

And Lucy got evicted with 8.12% votes.

how viewers vote for their housemate

Following the disqualification of BBNaija housemate, Erica from the reality TV show on Sunday night, Nigerians have already started reacting to the development as they stress that she brought it upon herself.

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BBNaija: Nengi now has Kiddwaya all to herself – Nigerians react to Erica’s disqualification

Nigerians are reacting to the expected disqualification of BBNaija Housemate,  Erica Nlewedim . Erica was disqualified from the Lockdown edition of the show on Sunday night following a faceoff with Laycon on Saturday night.

Erica has topped the charts of all social media platforms minutes after her disqualification on Sunday. Different reactions and tributes have poured in. See the, below:

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Erica disqualified from Big Brother Naija House after getting a third strike

Embattled BBNaija housemate, Erica Nweledim has been disqualified from the Big Brother Naija season 5 edition.

Erica was issued a third strike which amounts to automatic disqualification of the housemate. Biggie while addressing the house before the eviction show on Sunday, listed out the rules broken by Erica:

Interfering with camera crew and production process

Disrespecting the Head Of House Lounge

Harassing, threatening, and issuing warrants to the lives of housemates in the house.

Meanwhile, , Kiddwaya has told Erica that he might find it hard to forgive her if she gets disqualified from the house. He made this known during one of their conversations on Sunday afternoon. Read more: ‘if you get disqualified, it will be hard for me to forgive you’ – Kiddwaya tells Erica

Erica also had it coming all day as she apologized to the housemates in the Garden om Sunday afternoon

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Banker narrates how he was able to help elevate a security guard to a better position in the bank

According to a story that has gone viral on social media, a Nigerian banker took to his Facebook account to narrate how God used him to elevate a security guard to a better position in the bank.

Ayomide Babalola-mr Flow in his Facebook post, revealed that the security guard had told him about having an OND certificate.

Following a vacant position in the bank, the security guard whose name was given as Idris was able to secure the job through Ayomide’s help, after passing the necessary aptitude test.

He wrote;


From the first day, I resumed in XYZ branch, September 2015, I had noticed IDRIS.

Chai!!! You could not miss him with his smart and military-like salute for staff and customers.

A few months down the line, he requested to see me and told me, “Oga, I have an OND certificate and I am almost through with my University degree program(Part-Time).”

Wow, I was amazed but happy for him and encouraged him.

Fast-forward to Dec 2019, one of our staff members got a higher role in the bank and was about to be moved to another department. Idris came to me and told me he was qualified and interested in the ‘would be vacant position’. My interest was piqued. Nothing gets me more than people development especially my team members.

One of the initiatives I introduced,(away from the norm,)was insisting that all security guards be part of the daily meetings and knowledge sharing sessions.

This helped them a lot in product knowledge, public speaking and they were smarter and more confident than their contemporaries. This also helped the branch as output was increased and all our KPIs were achieved.

Let me get back to the STORY, and not bore you with HISTORY.

Cutting to the chase, I got in touch with the recruiting department for that vacancy, the aptitude test for that role was scheduled for him, an interview was conducted, he passed all and was given an offer all within a week.

The picture showed us together on his last day as a security guard on FRIDAY and his First day inside the branch the following MONDAY.

The above happened January 2020 and I was deployed to another location shortly after.

I am sharing now (WITH HIS PERMISSION)because I was at his branch yesterday and his supervisors attest to his commitment on the job.

Idris, this is not where you ought to be, but it is better than where you were.

Remember what I usually tell you all; “SUCCESS is where PREPARATION AND OPPORTUNITY meet.

We meet at the top.

LESSONS LEARNT(You may add yours in comment section)

Idris was adept as a security guard. This was evident in the way I noticed his salute out of his colleagues. Add something to the way you work. Those little extras matter.

Be ready to take the bulls by its horns sometimes. If he didn’t approach me to inform me of his academic qualifications and his interest in the vacancy, I would never have considered him.

As a supervisor, you must be approachable and accessible. That category of staff you term ‘unimportant’, are actually very important to you and the success of your team. Your driver, the elevator guy, the security guard, the so-called ‘Contract staff’ in your unit are important!! THINK ABOUT IT.

As a boss, actively seek out opportunities to develop and uplift your team members. They would go all out to ensure your success too.

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‘Erica’s situation has confirmed that your village people can reach you anywhere’– AY Makun

Popular Nigerian comedian, AY Makun, has weighed in on the current BBNaija ‘Lockdown’ reality show.
‘Erica’s situation has confirmed that your village people can reach you anywhere’– AY Makun
The entertainer made specific reference to Erica and Lucy.

Taking to Twitter on Sunday afternoon, AY Makun says he has learnt a thing or two from the ongoing reality show. He writes:

“Who says u can’t learn something from #BBNaija? LUCY has taught me that u can’t change someone who doesn’t see an issue in their actions. ERICA’s situation has confirmed that ur village people can reach u anywhere. Just pray they don’t bring up ur matter in their WhatsApp group.”

Erica blasted Laycon on Saturday night over his statement that she tried to kiss him while intoxicated.

See AY Makun’s tweet below:

‘Erica’s situation has confirmed that your village people can reach you anywhere’– AY Makun

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“Erica is still learning work near Cee-C” – Nigerians dig out old video of Cee C dragging Tobi for over 2hrs

Big Brother Naija Season 5 housemate, Erica Nlewedim has been buzzing up the social media space all day following an altercation with fellow housemate, Laycon.

Nigerians have however been reacting to her moves of calling Laycon names after the Saturday night party as many blame it on the alcohol, while others are calling on to biggie to disqualify her from the house form breaking the house rules.

While arguing on social media, netizens made reference to outburst from housemates of previous seasons, juxtaposing it with Erica’s act of last night. Many believe her level of ‘craze is not up to that of Cee-C of the 2018 edition and that of Tacha’s in the 2019 house.

Video from a time Cee C dragged Tobi for over two hours, went to bed and woke up to continue bashing him surfaced online, Watch the video below:


#BBNaija: I admire something in every housemate and would miss them if evicted – Nengi

BBNaija housemate, Nengi, Today cried out over fears of being evicted tonight.

Recall that four housemates which include, Nengi, Vee, Kiddwaya, Trikytee, Laycon and Lucy are up for possible eviction this Sunday.

When asked during her diary session what she would miss if evicted, Nengi while reminiscing about her stay in the house got emotional and broke down in tears.

She appreciated Biggie for being like a father to her, adding that her stay in the reality show has impacted her life and those connected to her indirectly.

“I never really had a father figure and for that I’ll definitely miss you.

”You’ll always be a part of my success story and I appreciate you. You’ve touched my life and those people that rely on me.”

“You gave me food and took care of me. It’s been long I had that kind of treatment.

“I may not have the best relationship with everyone but I admire something in them and would miss them if evicted,” Nengi said.


#BBNaija: Vee compares herself to Naira Marley

Big Brother Naija housemate, Vee, in a statement on Sunday compared herself  controversial artiste Naira Marley.

Vee revealed this while speaking with Laycon and Kiddwaya, as she said her story out of BBNaija will be like that of Naira Marley who became more popular after he was released from Prison.

Recall, Naira Marley was released from jail sometime in June 2019 after he was arraigned by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, for alleged internet fraud, also known as ‘yahoo yahoo.’

After his release, Naira Marley released a song ‘Soapy’ which made waves.

Vee in her opinion stated that the BBNaija house is like a jail to her and she’s convinced she would be successful when she’s out.

Vee said: “My story would be like Naira Marley, he went to jail and became popular when he came out

“This House is like a prison and I’ll come out victorious and blow like Naira Marley.”


#BBNaija: Only Jesus can help you – TrikyTee tells Erica

Big Brother Naija housemate, Trikytee on Sunday told Erica that only Jesus can save her at this point in her life.

He made this known while she was peaking with him in the salon as she told him she feels disappointed about her behaviour.

Making reference to her outburst last night, Erica explained that she likes to seek companionship from people because of her upbringing and feels let down when it does not happen.

She asked Trikytee how she can stop letting alcohol get the worse out of her and get disappointed by human beings.

Trikytee, responding, told her no one can help her with her problems except Jesus.

He also advised her to stop seeking companionship with housemates but rather depend on Jesus Christ for the love she seeks.

Trikytee said: “Only Jesus can help you. I’m sure you need companionship but aside from God you can’t get that completely.

“Human beings will always disappoint you so it’s only God you have to rely on. People would let you down so that’s the only way you’ll go through life with ease.”

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‘if you get disqualified, it will be hard for me to forgive you’ – Kiddwaya tells Erica

Embattled Big Brother Naija housemate. Erica Nlewedim might be disqualified from the house following her brouhaha with Laycon last night and her love interest, Kiddwaya has expressed his disappointment.


Recall Erica berated and threatened the life of fellow housemate, Laycon, over a comment Ebuka made after the week 7 eviction show about him claiming Erica tried to kiss him. After the drama following the Saturday night party, Kiddwaya has told Erica that he might find it hard to forgive her if she gets disqualified from the house.

Recall, Erica has two strikes already and a third would see her exit the house. Nigerians are hereby anticipating Biggie’s verdict following her outburst last night and threatening a fellow housemate’s life


Nigerians demands that Erica be arrested by Police for threatening to kill Laycon

Some Nigerians on social media want Big Brother Naija, Erica arrested by the Police after she threatened to kill Laycon on National TV.

The female housemate had gone wild on Laycon and some other housemates during and after the Saturday Night Party.

Speaking to Laycon, Erica called him unprintable names and accused him of riding on her fame after it was revealed that the rapper told other housemates she made several attempts to kiss him.

Erica threatened to kill Laycon and vowed to make him suffer for life.

Some social media users who are not taking the threat lightly are however calling on the Police to get the housemate arrested, irrespective of where she is at the moment.

See some reactions on Twitter:

My problem is when are they going to arrest Erica for all those death threats she made on National Tv against Laycon?
Abi nah so we go dey watch because the person wey made d threats no be Man…

Let’s imagine it was Laycon telling her all those hurtful words or threatened her Life By now, them for don arrest Laycon sef She fucking threatened his Life but it’s cool coz na woman or coz na Erica do am

*** This Twitter for dey burn at this very moment sef I swear na SARS for wake Laycon up from sleep with hot slaps!!!! Now them dey defend Erica, even UTI!!!!

Why are POLICE officers not banging on BBN’s door this morning to arrest Erica. According to Section 323 CRIMINAL CODE ACT. She needs to be in jail mehn 7 years.

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#BBNaija: Erica is evil, she has pulled a knife before on one of her Ex-boyfriends once – Lady alleges

A young lady on Twitter has made a new revelation of how BBNaija housemate, Erica pulled a knife on one of her ex-boyfriends once.

The Nigerian lady identified@belberocks accused Big brother Naija’s Erica of being a violent person.

Shortly after last night’s episode, @belberocks accused Erica of once pulling a knife on one of her exes that is her friend. She went further to call her evil, saying she knows a lot about her and that’s why she doesn’t like her.


Erica that has pulled a knife before on one of her exes that is my friend. Kaii all the things I know about this babe, that’s why I’ve never liked her one bit. She’s pure evil!” she wrote.



#BBNaija: My father and mother made a mistake – Erica blames her parents for Saturday night’s outburst

The fierce female housemate on the BBNaija show, Erica has blamed her parents and mental health for Saturday night’s outburst.


Recall that Erica rained insults at Laycon for claiming she tried to kiss him several times.

She had also threatened to kill Laycon outside the house. Following an altercation that involved Prince and Laycon, she went ahead to wet the bed so that Prince would not sleep on it.

Erica, who already has two strikes, blamed her parents for bringing her into this world.

According to her, she didn’t ask to be here and always felt alone.

“When I was ringing the bell, asking for a therapist no one answered me. I didn’t ask to be here, my mother and my father made a mistake and I’m here. I’m not drunk, I will still make it with or without them, I just want Laycon to be out of the house by tomorrow,” she said.

Erica had told housemates in week 1 that she was raised by her Mum and only saw her dad once since she was born.


#BBNaija: Dorathy tells Ozo what Nengi truly feels for him

The ever-friendly Big Brother Naija lockdown housemate, Dorathy has made it known to a fellow male housemate that his love for Nengi is not one-sided.


Recall that handsome Ozo had told his love interest, Nengi that he wanted her more than the grand prize and would do anything to win her heart.

However, Ozo on Saturday approached Dorothy in the kitchen talking about his feelings for Nengi and his recent fine from Biggie for microphone infringement.

Dorathy then responded to him, saying Nengi likes him as well and has good intentions for him. She, however, advised him not to get carried away and forget his aim of coming to the show.

“Nengi likes you, she does not have bad intentions towards you.

“She approached me during the party saying I was amazing and wondered why we had a misunderstanding and that was nice of her.

“But you need to focus on what you came here for and don’t forget why you’re here,” Dorathy said.

Ozo has constantly pursued his love for Nengi ever since they made it to the fifth season of the reality TV show.

But Nengi had on different occasions turned down his offer, adding that she already had a relationship outside the house.


Fans reveal their consolation plan For Laycon after being insulted by Erica last night

Yesternight was not so funny in the Big brother’s house as the three most talked about housemates on the show went at loggerheads. Erica, the current Head Of House got into a quarrel with her admirer in the house, Laycon before taking the fight to her deputy, Prince.


The massive supporters of Laycon did take this well and Quite a handful of them have taken to social media to reiterate their decisions to continually vote for BBNaija housemate, Laycon to win this year’s edition of the reality TV show, just after Erica insulted him.


Erica has been the talk of Nigerian social media since yesterday night after she, while intoxicated, stated that she would love to see Laycon dead for ‘being evil’

Erica had accused the singer of riding on her fame and stated that he could never trend except her name is mentioned alongside his.

Her whole tantrum comes after Ebuka revealed that Laycon was telling other housemates the actress had made attempts to kiss him — a situation she vehemently denied and asked to know when she tried to kiss the rapper.

Laycon’s refusal to provide her a tangible answer is what led her to make derogatory statements about the singer after they partied on Saturday night — in videos that are making rounds on the internet, Erica can be seen saying Laycon would suffer in life and she would make sure he dies, by killing him.

Reacting to her comments, Nigerians on Twitter vowed to continue to vote for Laycon until he emerges winner of the reality TV show. Some notable comments,

”Tbh I want her to her see laycon win in the finals that would be the best revenge for all the dirt she’s been tossing.all because Kidd didn’t want to go for a gold digger” a user wrote on Twitter.

“This Erica no know say for every situationship she finds herself with Laycon, it’s a vote for him. Gbogbo Eleyi o necessary at all. Alcohol is an enabler to pour out the inner most of the mind without fear or bother. O ma se o”

Some viewers of the show are at the same time calling for her disqualification from the show.


#BBNaija: Must all housemates date? – Don Jazzy, says the show is not love island

Nigerian artiste and owner of Mavin label, Don Jazzy , who happens to be one of the active celebrities following the BBNaija show has raised some questions about dating and love in the house.

Don Jazzy in a tweet asked if all the housemates must date and be in relationships during their stay in the house.

He wrote, “How long are they in the house sef must they all date? When it’s not love island abi what’s that other love love marry marry show?”

Don Jazzy went on to react to the relationship between Nengi and Ozo.

This comes after Ozo who has from the start of the show made his interest for Nengi known, did it again last night.

Don Jazzy reacted by saying;


#BBNaija: I would have Kiddwaya if I want – Nengi tells Erica

Big Brother Naija, BBNaija housemate, Nengi has told Erica she’s not interested in having a relationship with Kiddwaya.

Kiddwaya was seen dancing with Nengi which got Erica upset.

She later approached Nengi on the dance floor about the situation, saying she could have Kiddwaya if she wanted.

Nengi in response told Erica that she is not interested in having anything with Kiddwaya.

According to Nengi, she knew Kiddwaya before the show and would have had him if she wanted to earlier.

Nengi said: “I knew Kiddwaya before you knew him. If I want to have something with Kiddwaya I would.

”I’m not interested in him.“