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Patapaa’s Wife To Give Birth Very Soon (VIDEO)

Ghanaian international rapper Patapaa has revealed that his German wife, Liha Miller is soon to give birth.

You probably must be wondering, ‘was it not just a few days ago that news about Patapaa’s wife being pregnant surfaced?”

Patapaa’s Wife To Deliver Very Soon

Yes, you are right.

But apparently, Liha Miller has been pregnant for a very long time now, probably a few months before the news even surfaced online.

Well, in an Interview on ‘DayBreak Hitz’ with Andy Dosty, Patapaa confirmed that the Liha is pregnant and soon to deliver a baby.

Asked if they are expecting a male or female child, Patapaa revealed that he has no idea, however, he is eagerly waiting for a male child.

He says this is because he knew how he planted the baby and it is definitely a male child.

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