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Photos Of Abu, The Shortest NYSC Corp Member Ever



Meet Abu, a Graduate of one of Nigeria’s Leading University of Technology (Federal University of Technology, Minna) who is the shortest Corp member ever.
Just on 10th of November 2020 the Camp ground for National Youth Service Corp members (NYSC) was opened for students who had registered and where ready for service.

The NYSC candidate always visit the Camp ground for two weeks before they are being dispatch to their various Places of assignment (PPA).

In Abuja Camp ground Abu have been identified for this stature and height.

Abu is one of the people who one can refer to as been short, infact he might be the shortest in the Camp.

But his courage and strength is what I observed, despite being short and brief with height, he continued his education even in school relentlessly, he didn’t stop halfway because of the mockery many would have made of him.

This shows us that we can really achieve anything, if we put our hearts to it.

Abu is a graduate of library and information technology from the Federal University of Technology Minna.

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GreenLab Set To Release Third Edition Of Howfar Magazine 



A Lagos-based design agency, GreenLab, is set to release its third edition of the Nigerian history and culture magazine, ‘Howfar Magazine’.

Howfar Magazine

The Magazine is a digital and print publication conceptualized as a timeline booklet of Nigeria’s progress. It provides an entertaining, yet insightful look into the country’s past, present, and future. Howfar achieves this by embracing and promoting the need to celebrate our Nigerian identity as one united people.

The Howfar Magazine Edition 3 will be available in two parts. It will feature contributions and articles from Nigerian visual artist, Victor Ehikamenor; writer, lawyer, and publisher, Richard Ali; award-winning filmmaker, Chris Ihidero; astute writer Okey Ndibe; and Nigerian author, Ikhide Ikheola. 

There are also interviews with Nigerian historian, Max Siollun, media and communications expert, Tunji Ladner, as well as photoshoots with 27 other personalities who contributed to the project.

The print version will contain hidden pages, no watermarks, exclusive archival images and more. While the digital version available on the website, contains interactive pages, downloads, videos and audio links.

Speaking about the reason for creating yet another edition of Howfar Magazine, the editor, Nana Yesufu- Olumese talked about the importance of taking a look at our past as a nation. She says, ‘Nigeria is an enigma whose culture has been rebooted at different times and its social, economic as well as political orders have been restructured. We are shaking off the dust of the past as we reveal what is in store for us.’

The Howfar Magazine team is comprised of a dynamic group of local and international creatives, editors, writers, illustrators, photographers and researchers.

For more information about Howfar Magazine, visit, or check them out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. For media inquiries, partnership and advertising, please contact, the editor via email.    

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Three members of notorious car hijacking syndicate nabbed in Akwa Ibom (Photos)



Three members of an infamous syndicate that specialized in snatching of cars have been apprehended by police operatives on Wednesday December 2, in Uyo, the Akwa Ibom state capital.

The nabbed suspects confessed that they snatch cars in Calabar and sell them in Uyo. According to them, the cars stolen in Uyo are sold in Calabar.

It was revealed that the suspects had so far snatched four cars in Uyo but they ran out of luck on Wedneday, December 2, when they dispossessed a Catholic priest, Rev. Fr. Ekefre, of his car at Richway Supermarket.

Narrating his ordeal, Rev. Fr. Ekefre, a younger brother to Ubong Ekefre, a former Transition Committee Chairman in Mkpat Enin, revealed he was at a supermarket to shop with a female relative when one of the robbers approached him and pretended to be drawing his attention to someone behind.

When he turned, the robber dragged his hand behind, pointed a metal object to his head and asked him to hand over the key, while the other suspect approached him pulling out a jackknife.

In reaction, the priest pulled off his hand and flung the car key towards his female relative. The criminals attacked the lady, gave her a cut on the head, snatched the key and drove off with the car. Fortunately, the cut was not deep because of her hair extension.

The robbers took away the car with the priest’s cell phone which was used to track the car to a bush after Ikot Oku Ikono, where the suspects had hidden it while apparently waiting for the dust to settle.

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Bridget Otoo endorses John Mahama; promises to vote for him on December 7



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Ghanaian journalist, Bridget Otoo, has declared her intent voting for John Mahama in the upcoming 2020 general election scheduled for December 7.

In an interview, the multiple-award-winning journalist made this known to the public.

Giving reasons, she said what moved her to that decision this year is due to Mahama’s choice of Prof Jane Naana Jane Opoku Agyemang as his running mate.

Bridget Otoo unalike from other celebrities and known figures who have already pledged support to the NPP has declared her full support to the NDC.

Check out her convo below;

Bridget-Otoo 1
Bridget-Otoo 1

Meanwhile, in other news, Actress Beverly Afaglo has descended heavily on her colleagues in the movie industry for teaming up to campaign against one of their own in the person of John Dumelo.

She in her post stated that what her friends are forgetting is the fact that 7th December is just a day and life still goes on after that day.

She posted: “How will I be able to slur, taint or dishonour a colleague’s name and hard work? How will I forget friendship and family for money and fame. How will I be able to disregard my profession and allow politics to make a ridicule of my profession? e go hard. Thank God am not in that corner but we should remember that after 7th Dec life still goes on. #itiswell”

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