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Prophet Ajagurajah spotted with gun in his room and people are wondering why a man of God who tells members to call on God for protections owns gun

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Apparently, Prophet Ajagurajah owns a gun for protection but somehow manages to convince his church members to call on God and his heavenly angels to protect them when their security is under threat.

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That is is the unanimous consensus netizens, essentially those who are non-religious, are saying after they spotted a gun shielded in his room in a photo sighted on his Instagram page.

The ultimate question we want to ask you is that is it cool for a pastor or man of God to own a gun while giving out stickers, anointing oil, and other paraphernalia to church members for protection?

Kindly take note that this is actually a general question (Ajagurajah doesn’t sell oil and all that) and we would be happy if you share your thoughts with us in the comment section of our Facebook page.

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