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Protect your children – Ruth Kadiri reacts to Baba Ijesha being given bail



Actress Ruth Kadiri has reacted to the release of Baba Ijesha asking parents to protect their kids because there’s no law in Nigeria that protects children.

According to the police, Baba Ijesha is being given bail because he wasn’t seen molesting the child in question on the CCTV that was given but then he was seen touching the child on the CCTV and the child also pointed at him that he molested her.

The police report also mentioned that the child was penetrated but couldn’t link that to Baba Ijesha even though she pointed at him that he molested her and the CCTV footage showed he was touching the child sensitively.

Ruth Kadiri reacting to this asked parents to protect their children in their own way as in Nigeria there’s no law guiding children and it’s not a place to raise your kids hence it’s up to you the parents to be guarded.

Ruth Kadiri also stated that even those in power, some of them are pedophiles therefore as parents you have to be guarded and keep your young ones safe because there’s no law guiding them and they have no right in Nigeria.

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With what is happening, some children will find it difficult more to open up about things like this as it wasn’t difficult for the child who was molested at 7 to speak up until she was 14 and even that justice wasn’t served in her honor.

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