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Redmi Note 8 survives eight-floor drop and watery landing but ends up with a “curved” display



A Redmi Note 8 owner has reported how their Xiaomi smartphone still works after being accidentally dropped from an eighth-floor balcony and making a splash-landing in some type of body of water. The Redmi Note 8 was able to be charged and was operational, although it was left with a “curved” display after the traumatic incident

Those shopping for a rugged phone might not consider the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 device, but it looks like the hugely popular smartphone just got durability as another selling point to add to its already impressive list: great display, price-performance ratio, presence of a 3.5 mm jack, dual-SIM, etc. Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, has been sharing the experience one unfortunate/fortunate (depending on how you look at it) Redmi Note 8 owner had.

It appears the Redmi Note 8 was put out on a balcony by the user’s mother, but it somehow fell from its lofty perch and smashed into the ground after an eight-floor drop (potentially over 100 ft/30 m). To add insult to injury, the stricken Xiaomi smartphone apparently landed in an unspecified body of water thus undoubtedly providing a killing blow. But the user actually found the Redmi Note 8 to be still operational and capable of being charged and with the touchscreen being usable.

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However, the Redmi Note 8 was left with a “curved” display after the incident and water managed to get inside the camera module. It’s more than likely the owner will have to pick up a new smartphone at some point, but after this experience it wouldn’t be surprising if they plumped for another Redmi Note 8. The Xiaomi smartphone comes with a Snapdragon 665, 6.3-inch display, tough Corning Gorilla Glass 5, and apparently a very sturdy case.

Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
"Curved" Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)
“Curved” Redmi Note 8. (Image source: Lei Jun)


Lei Jun (Weibo – in Chinese) via XiaomiToday (in Italian)

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