Relationship Expert Explained Why Her Marriage Ended Even With Her Intelligence (Video)

Marriage is something that takes a lot of commitment and understanding for it to work, but unfortunately due to some unforeseen circumstances, it does not work which leads to divorce. 

However, a Relationship expert popularly called “Blessing Ceo’’ came to defend herself concerning her divorce, according to the video she was asked although, you are intelligent what made your marriage lead to divorce, she answered saying it takes two people to keep a marriage, and she was not born with intelligence but through the experience she has it.

Although, some people might not agree with what she said that does not mean she is wrong or right either, according to her it takes two people to make a marriage work which is the absolute truth, I have seen cases where the financial responsibilities are left only for the man to fulfill or cases where the women are not assistant to their husbands but slaves. Furthermore, Marriage is something that needs commitment, if you know you can’t handle or can’t stay faithful to your spouse it is not something you should engage in, but we live in a society where Marriage is something that you need to do to validate you are responsible which is very wrong.

After the post went viral, it got out a lot of mixed reactions from her fans, you can view some of their reactions below.

Screenshot: Instagram

I notice the number of divorce cases in Nigeria is increasing compared to before and I had to do a visibility study, according what I discovered women are the ones asking for it compared to men, before in those days most women stay in their marriages because of their children, even thou their spouse is unfaithful or maltreating them. Furthermore, Men applying for divorce are rear compared to the ratio of women.

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