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Reno Omokri educates guys on how to identify a lady who is a liability



Nigerian author, Reno Omokri has taken to social media to educate guys on how to identify a lady who is a liability.

The former Nigerian presidential aide made this known in a recent social media post he made on the popular social media platform, Twitter.

The post he made reads;

“4 Signs She Is a Liability, Not An Asset:

After you date her, you must provide data for her
If she needs to meet you, you must pay transport fare
Your money goes to her hair, not her head
She does not speak big grammar, but she has big drama”

The post got some reactions from social media users. Read some of these reactions below;

@ComfortSheriff – they are here praising Mr Reno but will still be running after girls who do those things and even go to the village to marry the one that they say will take care of their children. More men than you can imagine like women who demand, guys even brag about spending for their women

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@OpeQuadri – Ladies over to you: Are you an asset or liability? To the guys: Is she an asset or a liability?

@abbeysanjo – Most of them are liabilities jooor…….They have this sense of entitlement on your properties like it’s theirs

@elijahh53 – She complains alot without single appreciation…. if she does it because u reminded her “can’t u say thank u”
She flashes u and only call when she needs something

@legnaaburoy – Most of them will even ask for transport fare the very first time y’all are supposed to meet.. You are very correct Sir

@SYLVIAFELIXAKP2 – I’ve been maimed in the heart.
Dear women, please work harder so as not to be tagged a liability.
No man would love to settle for a woman who is just being scrupulous about money than working for it.

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