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Once you think you’ve seen it all, swimwear takes a new turn with aesthetically stunning cuts, luxurious fabrics and fun prints that keep you pleasantly surprised. Personally, one of the not-so-subtle ways to show off my tireless efforts at the gym, or my overall self-contentment, is with the unveiling of my summer bawdy. Which is why I always look out for the latest swimwear trends.

The unmatched confidence that exudes from the mere thought of a hot day at the beach in her favorite swimwear is an emotion every individual should aim to experience every once in a not-so-long while. With new silhouettes being released daily, the latest swimwear trends in 2021 have left us agreeing on one thing: you can never have too many swimwear.

Once the spring/summer season fully kicked in, Instagram went haywire with everyone, from influencers to celebrities, rocking a wide variety of swimwear. The latest swimwear designs will have you reminiscing about a much-needed vacay in 2021 and would definitely make you go bikini shopping.

Check out 7 of the hottest swimwear trends in 2021…

#1. Knotted two-piece

two piece vacation bikini
Photo: Instagram | @didistone

The intricately woven braid-inspired bikini is a must-have this season. In addition to the self-content summer bawdy, this is a swimwear to go broke for. Just kidding.

#2. Keyhole cutouts

keyhole bikini trends
Photo: Instagram | @aishabeau

Those strategically placed keyholes reveal just enough to throw the imagination off balance into an intense bout. It’s the tease for us.

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#3. Prints

Photo: Instagram | @monldn

Why prints? They’re the perfect beach / BBQ swimwear. These are the right swimsuit investment to get into your backyard pool party plans.

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#4. Asymmetric swimwear Swimwear Trends In 2021

asymmetric bikini 2021
Photo: Instagram | @aishabeau

There’s something alluring about the asymmetric swimsuit, from the varying uneven cuts and hems to the way they gently rest on each bend and curve of the body in a manner that screams unique!

#5. The sultry one-piece

one piece bikini trends 2021

Photo: Instagram | @thabsie_sa

This classic swimwear is old but gold. Although there are a gazillion swimwear trends in 2021, the one-piece swimsuit doesn’t have any intending plans to retire. And that’s understandable for such a reliable piece.

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#6. The barely-there number

Photo: Instagram | @veezeebaybeh

This requires a can-do attitude to pull off and might not be the conservative’s favorite choice but hey! If you don’t flaunt what you’ve got, who will?

#7. High waisted bikini

Photo: Instagram | @Sharonooja

Rocking a high-waisted bikini is a great way to accentuate your figure. I mean, how else do you plan on showing off the bawdy and the glow? A better option? No. Thought so too.

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