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Sex For Grades: ‘How randy lecturers almost force me to bed’ – Face of Bayelsa Girl Child



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The new Face Of Baysela Girl Child, Ebizi Blessing Eradiri has shared her sexual harassing experience in the hands of her lectures.

The lady with First Class Honour from Niger Delta University and Nigeria School of Law has called out some lectures who nearly slept with her.

According to her, the temptation and oppression was very high but she endured it with prayers and commitment.

I was very conscious of my dressing, which enabled me to get the best dressed female student in the Faculty of Law, in the year l was graduating. I made sure I didn’t wear skimpy things that would expose sensitive parts of my body,”

She continued that: “I felt that was the starting point for me not to even attract the wrong lecturers to myself. I would say it was prayer because there was a time when we had a borrowed course and a particular lecturer was trying to do something funny.

“When I sensed it from that particular lecturer in the first semester, l called home and told them what was going on and we all prayed.

“At some point, l had to escalate the issue to my HoD and told her what the lecturer was doing; she called and warned him. These are some of the challenges the girl child is likely to face, but through prayers and escalating them to the appropriate quarters, l think they can scale through.”

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