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She Said Yes, But People Noticed Something Else In The Engagement Photos Which Made Them React



She Said Yes, But People Noticed Something Else In The Engagement Photos Which Made Them React

People have been reacting to the photos of a newly engaged lovers who shared their moment of engagement online, after they noticed something quite unusual in their engagement photos. The man seems to love his lady so much that he had to go extra mile for her.

Screenshot 20210412 081452
Screenshot 20210412 081523

When you see lovers do beautiful things like this, it will make you want to engage and wed so quick, because they are actually the type of lovers who will prove to you that love is indeed a beautiful thing. So this man proposed to the lady he loved so much and of course, she gave him a yes. But, that is not what is making people react to the photos.

Screenshot 20210412 081558

The man actually did something extraordinary for the engagement and he went extra mile for his lover. Normally people get just one engagement ring to propose to their lovers, but this man did something different during his own proposal. 

Instead of using just a ring just like everyone else does, he decided to try something different during his time as he proposed to his lover with 5 diamond rings. 5 good diamond rings! Wow, that must have costed him a lot, but he didn’t care because he felt the love he had for his lady is priceless.

People noticed the 5 rings the man used and they can’t help but react to the beauty in the uniqueness of their engagement. Just like people will say. Love is sweet, but when there is money love is sweeter. This is of course an example of when love becomes sweeter, because, who wouldn’t want to be offered 5 diamond rings. We should all pray to get someone who will love us with all their heart and will always want to go extra mile for us.

A lot of people have reacted to the engagement pictures after noticing the ring. Look at what they are saying about it in the screenshots below.

Screenshot 20210412 081558 1

What can you say to this?

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