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Shots fired: ‘I give you 24 hours to tell Ghanaians why you left Shatta’s house’ – Shatta Wale’s beautiful cousin sends strong warning to Michy

The alleged cousin of dancehall artiste Shatta Wale, Maglove is causing ripples on Shatta Wale’s strained waters with his baby mama Michy. 

Love in a new post has given her Michy a 24-hours ultimatum to tell Ghanaians the truth about the reason why she left Shatta Wale’s house.

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According to her, Michy is hiding something from Ghanaians yet she acts publicly as though she’s the heroine and Wale is the villain as far their relationship which has now turned sour is concerned.

This attack from Shatta Wale’s cousin comes after Michy attacked an SM fan for gushing over her son Majesty and creating the impression that Shatta Wale is an irresponsible father.

“I will always need my son no matter what age I am. He has made me laugh, made me proud, seen me cry, made me cry, hugged me tight, seen me fail, cheered me on, kept me on my toes & many times driven me crazy.  but my son is a promise that I’ll have a friend forever

God continues to protect him for me”.

“Michy I give you 24 hours to tell Ghanaians the truth. enough is enough. I’m done with you using me to cover your shame acting like a victim.

I have a family to protect and a lot of people look up to me. Get ready cause you and your Nana Appiah must let everyone know why you left your baby father’s house.”

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